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Amish Arbors

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Although we are continually growing our line, we currently provide a generous variety of Amish made garden arbors for sale. Our Amish arbors are all 100% hand crafted by skilled Amish craftsmen in the Midwest of the United States. Each of our wooden arbors for sale receives more attention throughout every step of the building process than any other major builder manufacturer in the country. Our arbors are all built with select grade material with pressure treated wood, such as southern yellow pine or cedar, and assembled with the highest quality hardware available. Larger outdoor furniture pieces, such as the arbors, will be delivered to your home partially unassembled in order to minimize shipping costs to you, the customer. Basic assembly may be required to connect two or three larger halves or sections of your arbor.

There are several types of garden arbors for sale today, most of which we provide for sale on our site. Garden arbors can be free standing, or be extensions from another structure which provides excellent shading or cover for walkways, garden or lawn areas. Amish Arbors are a perfect way to fill an empty space in your garden or lawn area while adding an aesthetic appeal to the area. Arbors are excellent structures to grow various types of climbing plants to add additional fullness to the structure.

The favored material used for the construction of garden arbors is wood, but iron is also a common material used. The most basic design structure of arbors consists of two trellis type sides with an arch bridging the tops of the two trellises. From this basic design, arbor design can increase in sophistication like the Classic arbor, which is one of our wooden arbors for sale, with added dual entry gates and fence extensions running along 90 degrees from the front or back view. The classic arbor is an excellent choice for those who want to use an arbor as an entry or exit structure to an enclosed lawn or garden area. Browse our garden arbors for sale today.