The Graceful Malibu Dining Chair with Madison Legged Table

February 11th, 2015

This shot was sent to us by Vicki Milton showing off a new dining set recently purchased from Amish Furniture Factory. We love the contrast the dark Nutmeg on maple wood finish provides against the lighter colored dining area.


The graceful curves of the Malibu dining chair also contrasts well with the angles lines of the Madison Legged dining table.  Well done, Vicki, and congratulations on your new purchase!



Malibu Chairs & Mission Leg Table

Dining Chairs: Wood or Upholstered Seats

February 5th, 2015
Wood Seat

Standard Wood Seat

hand upholstery covering

Hand Cut & Installed

The ability to customize our Amish furniture is really what sets it apart from the competitors.


Many different looks can be achieved from customizing the same dining chair model, and changing the seat from wood to upholstered is where the magic happens and where you get the most bang for the buck.


Wood seats are standard on the majority of dining chairs in the line, with the exception of a few chairs such as the Ashley chair.   Otherwise, upholstery is an option upgrade available on most chairs.


With over 200 different upholstery options available, from fabric, to leather, to eco-cotton, no one two chairs have to be alike.


Additionally, we allow customers to select and purchase upholstery from 3rd party sources.


If you let us know which pieces you want upholstered, we will be happy to provide total square yardage required to upholster your order.


This is a great way to match existing pieces you own, or to get a perfect match to your interior decor.


Upholstery is securely attached to the seat by artfully wrapping it under the edges of the wood surface, then stapling it into place on the bottom before the seat is attached with screws to the chair frame.  It’s easy to remove the seat to have the chairs re-upholstered later down the line if a change or repairs are needed.


Upholstered Seat

Upholstered Seat



Dining Arm Chair vs Side Chair Option Comparison

February 5th, 2015

Each dining chair model can be customized in several different ways which we will discuss in the post.  The base model of a dining chair starts out as a side chair (no arms) and a wood seat.


Arms can be added to a side chair to make an arm chair, which are ideal for positioning at the heads of the table.  The below pictured Beaumont Dining Chair clearly illustrates the difference between an arm chair (left), and a side chair (right).


The primary benefits of an arm chair are added strength, durability, and comfort, while an arm chair maintains a cleaner look.


All of our arm chairs are designed to be compatible with our tables so the top of the arm clears the bottom edge of the table skirts, allowing them to be fully pushed in under the table for better space efficiency.



Beaumont Arm Chair (Left)                                             Side Chair (Right)


An Overview of Dining Table Edge Shapes

February 4th, 2015

In this video Laura shows samples of different table edges that are available on dining tables.  The table edge shape or contour refers to the style of cut that is made all around the outer edge of the dining table top, which is usually one inch thick or more.


In other words, the edge shape is best seen from a direct side profile, but each edge shape can bring out a completely different look and feel in each table.  Tables are built with standard edges that are selected by the builder, but can easily be customized for any table based on the customer’s preferences.


When it comes to selecting an edge shape, we recommend being less analytical about which edge best goes with the rest of the table or your room, but to simply select the edge shape you are most drawn to.  With this approach, we notice the overall look of the table and how it looks in the room falls into place.










Full Thumbnail





45 Degree Champfer

45 Degree Champfer



Half Inch Roundover







Half Inch Thumbnail

Half Inch Thumbnail

Traditional Thumbnail

Traditional Thumbnail

The Cambridge Dining Set Transforming a Modern-Rustic Space

January 29th, 2015


This photo from Melissa and Troy Walth in Wishek, North Dakota serves as a perfect example of how a new custom stained dining set can enhance and transform a room though the blending of colors and lines.  They did a great job selecting their wood and stain colors, Burnt Umber on Brown Maple which harmonizes nicely with the room accents.


The set consists of the Cambridge Trestle dining table in the 42 x 66″ size, and has four leaves with self store.  Accompanying the table is the 60″ Cambridge bench and two Olde Century dining side chairs.


We received our table last night, and absolutely LOVE it!! Exactly what I was picturing. The quality is very impressive. The truck driver arrived and did an awesome job at handling and unloading the dining set. We will defiantly be spreading good words about!! Thank you so much for all the information on your products… will be a set that will be past on for generations.


Melissa and Troy Walth
Wishek, ND



Fresh Delivery of the Palisade TV Stand in Virginia

January 29th, 2015

It makes us so happy to make our customers happy!   Pictured below is the Palisade SWE 60″ TV Stand in oak with the Seally stain, purchased by Loretta and James Gwinn from Virginia.  Let’s let them do the talking:


This is our beautiful oak TV cabinet. We are totally satisfied with the ordering and delivery experience. The workmanship is superb. I would not hesitate to buy from Amish Furniture Factory again.


Loretta and James Gwinn

Dumfries, Virginia



The Laesser & Russell’s 72″ Vintage Hutch in Enfield, Connecticut

January 28th, 2015

This submission came to us from Gerti Laesser and Manuel Russell of Enfield, Connecticut which features their magnificent 72″ Vintage Hutch. This hutch was built by Townline in solid oak with the FC-12010 Wheat stain. It’s shown equipped with 4 doors 6 drawers with an adjustable shelf, and open deck, 5 glass shelves and a shiplap back.   Here is what Geri and Manuel had to say about this piece and our service:


Our hutch arrived safe and sound on Friday and after placing it in the right spot and putting our dishes and crystal in it we just have to tell you how very pleased we are! It is a beautiful piece of furniture, well made and a pleasure to look at! Although the hardware is a bit different from our side board, it blends in beautifully and was a good choice. The fact that we got the hutch earlier than expected was an added bonus and we just want to thank everybody involved for producing and delivering such a quality piece. Your great customer service was very much appreciated!


Vintage 72" Hutch Testimonial

What are the Different Types of Dining Table Slides?

January 27th, 2015

A dining table slide refers to the mechanism under the table that allows the top to open and close so that leaves can be inserted (and in some cases stored inside the table).  There are three main types of dining table slides:  ball bearing, geared and wood.  Not one type is necessarily more superior than the other, but rather a matter of personal taste, and what is technically permitted for different types of dining table bases.


Wooden Slides:


 photo Wood_Slides_zpsnmmc1duo.gif


Wooden slides are thought to be the original table slide, which makes sense as they are the most simplistic, strongest, and allow the table top sections to extend



out the farthest.  Due to this, this slide performs best on extension leg tables whose specialty is accommodating about a dozen or more 12″ leaves.With all that weight spread over twelve feet or more, an extremely strong slide is a must.


This slide works in an accordion fashion, where railed wood sections are stagger mounted, and one section slides in and out of the neighboring section, with a wood to wood contact.  The quantity of sections and the length of each section determine how far the table will extend.




- Bulky

- Least smooth sliding action; best with two people

- Legs on leg tables must be lifted or slid off the floor




- Extremely strong

- Can handle heavy weight loads

- Traditional look and feel





Geared Slides:


 photo Gear_Slides_zpswopwozdg.gif


Geared slides are the most common type of slide and a standard option on most tables with no upcharge.  This slide design has more parts and is slightly more complicated than the wooden slide, and also provides plenty of strength for solid wood tables.   A geared slide operates with two wood rails sliding in opposite directions that are each guided and supported by metal gears and metal rails.


Aside from some leg tables, most trestle and single and double pedestal tables are compatible with geared slides. Geared slides are very effective in “equalizing” both sides of the table top when opening the table top.





- Smooth but tighter sliding action; may require two people

- Rails limit table extension capability

- Heavier than wooden slides

- More moving parts




- Effectively equalizes both sides of table when opening

- Easier to slide than wooden slides

- More universal so works on more table models

- Often compatible with leaf self store

- Sophisticated mechanical look


Ball Bearing Slides


 photo Ball_Bearing_Slides_zpssn8hjpjy.gif


Ball bearing table slides allow the smoothest open and close action of any available, and this is their biggest advantage. One person can open and close a ball bearing table top with ease, and the sound of hundreds of metal balls rolling inside the slide rail casing is inviting as well. Like the geared, the ball bearing slide is effective at keeping the two table top halves equal so no binding can occur.



This slide is typically a non standard option up-charge that can be added to most table that come standard with geared slides at a cost in the $100 plus dollar range.  Some tables may not be able to self store leaves with the ball bearing slide due to how the rails are mounted to the table base.





Ball-Bearing-Slide- Rails limit table extension capability

- Mounting requirments may effect leaf storage

- Lightest slide but less strong than geared or wooden.

- Most moving parts




- Very smooth and easy to slide open and closed for one person

- Nearly as widely available on tables as geared slides

- Best at equalizing table halves when opening/closing

- Sophisticated mechanical look

- Nice sound and feel of sliding action

A High Back Panel Sofa to Melt Into in Pittsburgh

January 26th, 2015

This welcoming High Back Panel Sofa comes to us from Dave and Diana Wood in Pittsburgh.  One could easily melt into it’s plush spring filled cushions covered in our 5-38 Gem upholstery, and rest their arms on the Cherry wood arm rests rubbed with our FC-12108 Baywood stain covering the entire piece.  Thanks Dave and Diana for the great picture, and we are happy you love your new sofa.


Dave and Diana Wood Sofa picture



Overview of Reality TV Shows Featuring the Amish

January 23rd, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.09.06 AMAt one time the Amish were not widely discussed or portrayed on television or in the media. However, the invention of reality television changed all of that. As reality television producers sought out more and more original content and looked for ways to stand out from an increasingly packed field of competitors a few savvy reality television producers turned their attention to Amish country and the Amish. The end results have been mixed to say the least.


For years, the Amish were not addressed on reality television. Let’s face it, everything that reality television touches is, at its very best, a mixed bag.


Some reality television programs featuring the Amish are viewed more positively than others, but one fact is absolutely for certain: if you are looking for Amish television shows, there are infinitely more options today than 10 or even 5 years ago!

Today, the Amish are for lack of a better term “hot” in the television world. One is left wondering if this trend has peaked or what we are now seeing is only the beginning. Let’s take a look at a few of the television shows that are currently focusing on Amish life in one facet or another.


The Amish: Shunned

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.53.12 AM

The Amish: Shunned is a PBS series that follows several different people who have chosen to leave their Amish communities behind and strike out into the world at large. This program has received a good deal of attention and focuses on the difficulties those individuals who leave their Amish communities often face.


Amish: A Secret Life

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.53.51 AM

Amish: A Secret Life is a BBC production that follows David and Miriam Lapp. Many feel that the Lapp children are the real stars of the show. Additionally, many have also noted that the Lapps are viewed as being quite progressive by Amish standards. Those looking to take a small peek into Amish family life might find this BBC production worth a look.


Amish in the City and Amish: Out of Order

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.54.36 AM

Amish: Out of Order is another Amish based reality television show. This television show follows Amish people living in the English world and showcases reality television show veteran and Ex-Amish Mose Gingerich. This National Geographic production aired for one season.


Mose Gingerich first gained the spotlight for appearing on the 2004 UPN television show Amish in the City. Amish in the City was clearly a trailblazer in terms of Amish reality television. This reality tv show took a handful of young Amish adults during Rumspringa and a put them together in a mansion in Hollywood. Camera crews followed the cast around in true reality television fashion and documented what took place. To date, Amish in the City has aired around the world in locations ranging form the U.K. and Sweden to New Zealand. There were 10 episodes in total of Amish in the City. For many people, this show was the first real look at how Amish people thought and behaved. Cast members from this show appeared on a range of talk shows including some of the most people like Good Morning America.


TLC’s Breaking Amish and Return to Amish

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.58.09 AM

TLC’s Breaking Amish is very popular and has been on the air for several seasons. In Breaking Amish, TLC follows groups of men and women who leave Amish life and set out into the “English world.” The show focuses on the difficulties that the Amish face when living behind their families and the only world they’ve ever known to go out into the world at large. In Season 3 of Breaking Amish, the cast visits New York City.


Return to Amish is a production of TLC and is a spinoff of the popular Breaking Amish series. In Return to Amish, reality television producers follow “ex-Amish rebels” who return back to the Amish world.


Amish Mafia

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.07.40 AM

The Discovery Channel has also produced its own Amish series in Amish Mafia. Amish Mafia, which has aired for three seasons and 26 episodes, follows Lebanon Levi and his assistants as they keep the peace in the Amish community and protect the Amish from outsiders. It is important to note that many, including scholars, have questioned the authenticity of the series.


Will the Amish Television Show Trend Continue?
Reality television initially became popular because it is comparatively cheap. Reality television episodes usually cost a fraction of their drama counterparts and, as a result, they are seen as a financially attractive and viable option.


What Does the Future of Amish Based Television Hold?


That is a difficult question to answer. These shows are often viewed as being controversial. Many in the Amish community feel as though these programs may not portray them, their communities or their beliefs in the best light.


Will the number of Amish related television series continue to rise? Reality television is always looking for the next “hot” thing. One fact seems certain there are numerous Amish themed reality television shows currently on television. The popularity of these shows is evident as many have been renewed for several seasons and have even enjoyed their own spinoffs.


At this time, it would seem safe to state that more Amish focused reality television programming would seem to be on the horizon. That stated, many people now believe that the reality television show trend is showing its age and might be on its way “out.” In the meantime, we’re certainly seeing a lot of Amish men and women turn into overnight celebrities.