These Hard Maple Dining Chairs Are a Solid Match for Denise’s Home

April 21st, 2017

The Charleston Dining Chair in hard maple with the Michael's Cherry stain from Amish Furniture Factory; this Edwardian yet modern chair has a large back splat
Denise wanted solid wood chairs, so she chose hard maple Charleston Dining Chairs with their broad chair splat supporting the jazz-era back. Her stain of choice is Michael’s Cherry. Says Denise:
My chairs arrived today and they are simply gorgeous and very heavy and well-made. Thank you so much for all your help.

Here are the chairs around her own marble-top dining table:
Charleston Dining Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory flank the customer's own marble-top dining table

5 Things to Know About Replacing Your Roof

April 18th, 2017



Most homeowners, at some point, will be confronted with having to replace the prospect of replacing a roof. Roofs, much like other manufactured goods, don’t last forever. They often don’t even last as long as they should. In this article, we will explore the five top things you should consider when replacing your roof.


#1 Asphalt Roofs are the Most Common Type of Roofing, Just Don’t Expect Much More than Twenty Years of Service


Most forms of roofing material are not built to last. The simple fact is that like many manufactured goods there is a degree of planned obsolescence built into the roofing industry; after all, if roofing companies could make roofs that lasted forever they would have a big problem on their collective hands.


The most commonly installed roof is the so-called asphalt roof. Asphalt roofing is a blend of asphalt and chemicals. Asphalt roofing is most definitely not environmentally friendly, regardless of some claims to the contrary. Asphalt is also really not something that you want to breathe in too much either; however, asphalt roofing is everywhere.


You shouldn’t expect asphalt roofing to last as long as other forms of roofing either. Fifteen to twenty years is usually the lifespan of an asphalt roof. These are the least expensive roofs on the market but they don’t last. Even the manufacturers and installers don’t claim that they do. Just as real wood furniture will last many times longer than cheap MDS furniture, the same holds true for roofing material.


#2 -No Roof Will Last Forever, but There is Almost an Exception to the Rule



There are many different roofing options on the market and each have their pros and cons. Asphalt roofing usually offers the lowest years of service before needing to be replaced. Other commonly used, but more expensive, roofing options include metal, cedar shake, slate, clay and composite.


Composite roofing is often made out of plastic and/or rubber. Composite roofing hasn’t been around as long as other roofing options and some rubber based composite roofing options tend to smell as they are, after all, made out of rubber.


Metal roofing comes in many forms ranging from the very expensive, such as copper, to more wallet-friendly options such as steel and aluminum options. Aluminum, unlike steel, will generally not rust and is lightweight.


Metal options offer a vastly improved service life over asphalt roofing. So where is the catch?  Well the main potential drawback to metal roofing is that it is considerably more expensive than asphalt roofing.


Cedar shake roofs are made from trees and have an ancient history. But cost can also be a factor with these roofs. Today, fewer and fewer homeowners are opting for cedar shakes due to both cost and longevity.


The most durable of all roofing options are slate and clay. Slate and clay roofs are built to last. In fact, there are clay roofs in Europe that are literally hundreds of years old! Clay is tough, weathers extremely well, but there are two big catches with this option.


First, clay and slate roofs are very heavy and not all homes have foundations that are sturdy enough to support the weight of clay and slate roofs. Secondly, clay and slate are quite expensive. However, many experts say that clay or slate are probably your best roof options if your home can support the weight and you have the budget.


#3-Give that Amazing 50-Year Warranty A Second Look



A 20-year, 30-Year or 50-Year warranty on your roof often isn’t exactly what it seems like. Whatever the warranty may be that comes with your roof, you may want to take another look and carefully read the fine print. The roofing company will most likely not replace your roof once it begins to fall apart.


Warranties in the roofing industry often don’t mean all that much as you might hope. If your roof falls apart after 10 years, you might not be getting a new roof free of charge. The roofing industry simply doesn’t stand behind its product in this fashion. Instead, the warranty tends to be is a prorated one, so you might save a little money on yet another new roof. Again, if you want a roof to last a very long time then you’ll want to opt for a slate or clay roof.


#4-Select Your Own Roofing Materials



Roofing contractors have many reasons why they might want you to use a given roofing material, but you should select your own roofing material. Do your research ahead of time when selecting your roofing material. In this way, you’re the one in control of what kind of roof you get. You’ll also want to take into account what you actually think will look good with your house. There are a variety of different appearances and colors to consider. Don’t let a salesperson talk to you into something you might not be happy with when you actually see it on top of your house.


Your roofer’s personal preferences may have nothing to do with providing you the best roof possible. In short, buyer beware. Do you own homework and lots of it. Your decision is certainly something you’ll have to live with- quite literally in fact.
#5-Do Your Research in Selecting a Roofer and Roof Type



Installing a new roof is no small endeavor, and it’s not one that you want to do again anytime soon. The simple fact is that installing a new roof is expensive, time consuming and can be disruptive to your lifestyle. You don’t want to install a new roof only to discover new leaks or other problems such as horrible fumes or odors.


All of this underscores the importance of understanding all the products that go into your home, including items like underlayment and installation. The time you spend investigating roofing options and roofing contracts is a prudent investment.


Ultimately, there currently is no “exceptional” roofing option. On one end of the spectrum are cheap roofs that need to be replaced every 15-20 years. On the other end of the spectrum are highly durable roofs that are very expensive. Homeowners have to decide which options works best for their budgets and current needs.

A New Family Gets a Crib That Will Grow with the Baby

April 15th, 2017

The Monterey Convertible Crib converts a child's bed when your child is ready. Shown in oak with Wheat stain from Amish Furniture Factory
Bill got a housewarming gift for his daughter and son-in-law as they start a new family. This is the Monterey Convertible Crib in oak with wheat stain. It’s Amish-built to last, so it makes sense that it converts from a crib to a toddler bed and then a kid bed. Let’s read what Bill has to say about it:
Four forms of the Monterey Convertible Crib: crib, toddler bed, toddler bed with rail, and child bedWorking with Amish Furniture Factory was a wonderful experience! Laura checked our order to be sure everything was perfect, and the delivery was not only earlier than expected, but accommodated my work schedule!
The crib (Monterey) is beautiful, and my daughter and son-in-law are thrilled…
Thanks Laura so very much for your help… Hope to be in touch next time we’re shopping for furniture.
Sincerely, Bill Wild

Here are the expectant mom and dad:
An expectant couple with their new Monterey Convertible Crib

A Solid Oak Trestle Table and Chairs Add Rich Color to Amy’s Dining Room Design

April 13th, 2017

Amy’s new Aspen Dining Table and Jacoby Dining Chairs are quarter-sawn white oak with Rich Tobacco stain, ensuring a rich dining experience for her home.
The Aspen Dining Table and Jacoby Dining Chairs in quarter-sawn white oak and Rich Tobacco stain from Amish Furniture Factory
The Aspen table is a trestle table, meaning it has a solid base of wood pieces bracing each other. The extra strength lets it hold a lot of weight, even when extended to full length, which will come in handy when Amy is entertaining with all four self-storing leaves. She chose the ball-bearing glides, which makes the table top easy to pull apart, even for just one person.
The Aspen Dining Table is a trestle table with exposed mortises and large vertical slats on the ends—Amish Furniture FactoryThe Aspen Dining Table self-stores up to four leaves. Choose ball-bearing glides to make it easy to pull apart. Available at Amish Furniture Factory
In addition to showing us her elegant dining room, Amy has sent a letter about what it’s like shopping at a distance and finally having the furniture delivered.
After lots of thought and shopping around I am thrilled with my purchase of the Aspen Trestle dining room table from Amish Furniture Factory. Buying furniture that you haven’t seen before is nerve racking, however Laura at Amish Furniture Factory was so helpful and made my experience very personal. She sent me custom and premade wood stain samples and was able to make suggestions that helped in my ultimate choice for stain color.
Jacoby Dining Chair in quarter-sawn white oak with Rich Tobacco stain from Amish Furniture FactoryAfter looking at many other stores online and in person and sitting in many other Amish made chairs I was able to compare measurements and styles to find the exact table and chairs here that I just didn’t come across anywhere else. The pricing was also very reasonable as compared to other Amish made tables. I know that I got a solid handmade table that will be in our family for generations. 
We paid for the white glove delivery service and it was well worth it. Simon hand delivered and set up our table in the dining room and gave me tips about the furniture as he owns several pieces himself. He was very respectful, took his shoes off at the front door and spent an ample amount of time helping us.
Pictures attached of our table in Rich Tobacco.
Thank you again!


Patricia’s Handcrafted Bar Stools Deserve the Perfect Upholstery

April 7th, 2017

Patricia has bought a set of Kimberly Bar Stools in cherry with Acres stain. She chose them to go with her kitchen island, so picking the right upholstery was important. Look at how this Twin upholstery complements her marble countertop:
Kimberly Bar Stool without swivel at kitchen counter height from Amish Furniture Factory
They even line up the pattern with a floret in the center of each chair. Isn’t that gorgeous? Patricia thinks so, too:
We love our new barstools. Excellent quality and craftmanship. The fabric is elegant which matches so beautifully with our decor.When this customer ordered bar stools, she order extra upholstery fabric to have her previously owned chairs reupholstered to match
We ordered additional fabric selected for the bar stools to re-upholster our other pieces of furniture and window treatments.
On the right is a photo that Patricia sent of her own dining chairs with new Twin upholstery to match the bar stools.
The whole room came together beautifully.
It’s only natural that solid wood furniture comes with options for the best upholstery possible. Our upholstery selection is massive, and includes real and faux leather, fabric, and recycled cotton. We send wood and upholstery samples on request to help you see the colors accurately. In the meantime, you can visit our online upholstery catalogue.
Here is a close-up shot of the beautiful Twin upholstery pattern:
Twin upholstery from Amish Furniture Factory

2 Solid Wood Bookcases House a Beautiful Collection of Books

April 3rd, 2017

We are pleased to receive Jeffrey’s note about his new bookcases: I was completely satisfied with the bookshelves, in placing the order and receiving the product. Extremely well-made furniture.
Jeffrey has just bought two glorious oak bookcases built to support his respectable book collection. At 48” wide by 66” high, the Royal Mission 4865 Bookcase provides ample storage. Its styling features diamond inlays, corbels outside the top corners and slatted paneling down the sides. Jeffrey chose a warm Acres stain to frame his colorful books in a breezy reading room.
The Royal Mission 4865 Bookcase in Oak with Acres stain is four feet wide by six feet high
Jeffrey’s other bookcase—not pictured—is the Kincade SC-3665 Bookcase. It is the more conventional 36” wide, with raised side panels and crown molding.
Both shelves are a win for Jeffrey.

How Theodore Knows We Sent Him a Quality Chair

March 30th, 2017

One perk of selling quality Amish furniture is we meet customers who know what to look for. For instance, look at Theodore’s sincere letter about his new living room chair.
I have just received my Bunyan chair and foot stool and set them up in my living room. They are exquisite. Worth every penny. Please extend my gratitude to the craftsmen that created them for a job well done. My father was a master carpenter since before WWII so I know quality work when I see it. Also, your delivery man Peter was very polite and helpful.
God bless, Theodore P. Anderson

Theodore doesn’t have a photo, but here is what the Bunyan Chair looks like:

The Bunyan Living Room Chair and Foot Stool from Amish Furniture Factory

Click to learn more about this chair


Why Online Shopping for Amish Furniture Is a Solid Choice

March 27th, 2017

Here is Michelle’s letter about shopping online and receiving her beautiful oak and Sealy stain dining set:
Attached please find a photo of my Brookville dining table and chairs, which fit my new kitchen perfectly. While initially hesitant to purchase furniture on line without being able to visit a showroom and examine it thoroughly, I am so happy I did—it’s absolutely beautiful! The quality and craftsmanship is superb, and the customer service representatives were true professionals. From my first phone inquiry through the selection/delivery process they were patient and helpful, always willing to quell my fears and calmly reassure me that I would be pleased with my furniture.
Brookville Dining Table and Chairs in Oak with Sealy Stain from Amish Furniture Factory
I’m not just pleased, I’m thrilled—the furniture completes the kitchen and I’ve received many compliments on my choice.
Thank you to everyone at Amish Furniture Factory—you’ve made a believer of me!


How to Set Up a Lean Music Center? Use a TV Stand

March 24th, 2017

Anne’s new TV stand is solid cherry with chestnut stain. This model is the Mission 3053 – 53″ Flat Panel TV Stand, but with changing technology, we see plenty of different electronics setups using classic furniture in new styles. Anne finds the Mission perfect for her stereo system.
This Mission 3053 53'' TV Stand is being used not as a TV stand but as a sound system center with the homeowner's own floor model speakers on either side
Says Anne, “I just now sent you a picture of my stand… such a delight and perfect for my music room! The delivery men were excellent. And yes I am sure that my family will be enjoying it for many years. Cheers, Anne
New ideas are always welcome at Amish Furniture Factory.

This Oak Leg Table Will Keep a Dining Room Elegant for Decades

March 22nd, 2017

Here is Charlene’s Christy Legged Dining Table with Madison legs and a bevel edge.
Christy Legged Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory
Built in oak with the Saddle stain, Charlene’s new table will stay elegant for a long time. And that’s important, because she was looking for a table she wouldn’t have to replace:
I love my beautiful table that I bought online from Amish Furniture Factory. I have had multiple dining sets that just don’t last and have ended up spending way too much. I knew the Amish have superior quality and workmanship so decided to order from them with confidence I would be purchasing a product to last generations. I loved the options of style, wood choice and stains that I could pick for my tastes and decor and Laura was readily available to answer any of my questions with patience and kindness and kept me informed of the status of my order. I would not hesitate to order anything else in the future if I have a need for more quality furniture.
Now Charlene has a solid wood dining table that is strong enough for her family.
Christy Legged Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory with kids having a snack