A Solid Wood Family Table in Two Tones

June 1st, 2016

The Pawlowskis in Chicago got an Aspen Dining Table and Jacoby Dining Chairs. With the help of our very human ordering process, they mixed colors and textures to create an elegant but modern dining room.
The broad surfaces of these pieces—the table top and chair seats—are beautiful elm with Miniwax 224 Special Walnut stain. However, the frames of the table and chairs are brown maple with Ebony stain. If you would like a two-tone finish or other customizations for your furniture, just give us a call.
Here is the set in the Pawlowski’s classic modern dining room.

Aspen Dining Table and Jacoby Chairs in Two Tones from Amish Furniture Factory

Table and chairs were beautiful… Very high quality craftsmanship. Very happy with my purchase.—Carl Pawlowski


Strong Enough For Your Family: It’s a Hardwood Dining Set

May 28th, 2016

Here is the Losee family in Iowa with their new dining table and chairs. They needed a dining set that could stand years of family use, and we delivered.
Shaker Hill Dining Table and Aspen Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory
Says Kevin Losee, “The complete process of ordering our new table and chairs was painless and the gentleman that delivered the products were very professional and courteous. We love the table and chairs. Thanks.
These are a Shaker Hill Dining Table and Aspen Chairs in quarter sawn white oak with old world Mission stain.
All our furniture is made from American-harvested wood with none of the processing chemicals you would get from particleboard. Mortise and tenon joinery provide heirloom durability, so you can actually use your best furniture!

This Country Home Gets a Huge Oak Table!

May 25th, 2016

Carol and Vance have added a Double Pedestal Dining Table to their California home. The table is oak with nutmeg stain. Carol is ecstatic:
I love my expanding table with four leaves that store INSIDE the table! The Amish Furniture Factory was so personal and helpful helping me in the process. I was able to make many personal design choices. The delivery men were also very helpful. I have a beautiful and functional table that expands to different sizes to accommodate family and friends. I highly recommend the Amish Furniture Factory!
Here is the table in Carol’s country-style home. With all the leaves, it’s 10 feet long!
Double Pedestal Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory
It looks like Carol and Vance will be able to handle plenty of guests for many years on their heirloom table.

A Traditional Bed Rounds Out a California Bedroom

May 23rd, 2016

This traditional-style bed is our Cannon Ball Bed in black walnut with our Malaguania stain. Nicole bought it for her California home:
Cannon Ball Bed from Amish Furniture Factory
Traditional or Queen Anne furniture can look surprisingly elegant with its curved lines and woodturned posts. This bed is just what Nicole was looking for:
We absolutely love our Cannon Ball bed. Not only does it look great, it is beautifully built and just has a wonderful feeling about it. It’s the piece that makes the whole bedroom. Thank you!
Thank you for the beautiful picture, Nicole.

How to Appreciate the Beauty of Amish Quilts

May 21st, 2016

Amish quilts are known around the world for their intense beauty. Amish quilts are carefully designed by masters. The end results are functional works of art that are often displayed by their owners with great pride. A key reason that Amish quilts are so valued is that these quilts not only take tremendous skill to produce but are also beautiful and classic works of art that are sure to stand the test of time. For this reason, many see the purchasing of Amish quilts to be nothing less than an investment.


An Investment of Time


The story of an Amish quilt is by no means a short one. The skill needed to produce these quilts is not learned overnight. Amish quilts are, in fact, works of art that are created by women who have often spent decades learning how to produce these one-of-a-kind and iconic creations.
Usually Amish women begin learning how to create Amish quilts at a young age and continue refining their skills over not years but decades. When you opt for an Amish quilt, you are in fact selecting a unique work of art that has been carefully created by a master, one who has often spent a life time learning to create these wonderful creations.


A Long History of Amish Quilts


Amish child

Amish quilts are one of the key crafts of the Amish people. The tradition of Amish quilts goes well over a century and is as appreciated today as it was in the past. While the history of quilts and quilting goes back centuries, Amish quilts have made a real name for themselves in the United States. There are many different styles of Amish quilts ranging from the Lancaster quilts to the Midwestern quilts and more.


Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is a major hub for the creation of Amish quilts. These quilts are known for their high level of manufacturing quality, artistry and of course beauty. Amish quilts are handmade and for those looking for something unique and charming Amish quilts are tough to match. In an era where a large percentage of clothing and bedding is machine made, cheap and considered to be temporary in nature, Amish quilts truly stand out in beauty, durability and value.


MultiPurpose Items for the Home


There also exists a greater level of variety to Amish quilts than many suspect. Amish quilts are not simply for bedding, but for many other purposes as well. For example, Amish quilts are often used as wall decorations, decorative throws and even for infant bedding.


The focus on quality materials help ensure not just the durability of Amish quilts but also the warmth of Amish quilts. Consumers looking for a warm bedding that will stand the test of time will quickly discover that Amish quilts are a true winner. Cotton is typically used and bright colors are often blended for what can be called a dazzling effect.


A Stunning Array of Varieties


When it comes to styling, beautiful Amish quilts have several options including Amish color quilts, patchwork quilts and applique quilts. Amish color quilts help dispel the notion that the Amish don’t embrace color. When it comes to their quilts and the use of quilts as a form of decoration, Amish quilts can safely be called breathtaking. Through a process of carefully blending geometric patterns and colors, Amish quilt makers achieve end results that are often called hypnotic.


Star, square and diamond patterns are often seen in Amish quilts. Many new to Amish quilts are surprised by the level of geometric complexity that is clearly on display in Amish quilting. This complexity also serves to underscore why Amish quilts are often more expensive than many other quilt options. In terms of complexity, that complexity is strikingly evident in patchwork quilts. The complexity of Amish quilts reaches a whole new level when it comes to patchwork quilts. These large quilts help to showcase just how much creativity, artistry and beauty Amish quilts can provide. While usually more expensive than other types of Amish quilts, patchwork quilts often demonstrate what is possible in Amish quilting.


Another beautiful type of Amish quilt, one that also displays the great creativity and artistry of a quilting master, is the embroidered Amish quilts. Embroidered Amish quilting takes many years to master and can provide for simply stunning results.


A Gift that Will Never Disappoint


Those looking for a surprising and unforgettable gift will find that an Amish quilt offers something truly amazing. Having a gift that is overlooked or forgotten is an unpleasant experience and this is yet another way in which Amish quilts are different. Amish quilts make for a fantastic gift because they always get used. Their beautify and functionality ensures that Amish quilts are never forgotten. If you are looking for a way to add warmth to your home or the home of a loved one then a beautiful Amish quilt is an excellent option.


More than Just a Pretty Face


The simple fact is that a true Amish quilt is labor intensive. Not only is an Amish quilt made by hand, but it is also the product of years of hands on experience. A wonderful Amish quilt is the result of a master who has invest years in learning the craft. In short, Amish quilts are not quickly produced. Instead, each and every Amish quilt is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation and work of art. In many ways, Amish quilts stand as one of the single best art investment one can make. These functional works of art are more than just a pretty face.





Simple Table Complements a Daring Dining Area in Chicago

May 20th, 2016

Art and Hope Wells in Chicago got a Laurie’s Leg Dining Table and Denver Dining Chairs in oak with wheat stain. The sturdy set looks plain, which augments the fun character of their colorful classic dining area. Here’s Art at the table:

”Our table and chairs make for great dinner parties!”—Art Wells

”Our table and chairs make for great dinner parties!”—Art Wells

Thanks for the great shot, Art.

Cherry Table Perfects an Updated Dining Room

May 14th, 2016

Kurt from Arkansas got a new rustic cherry dining set with Boston stain. This Shaker set includes Carlisle Dining Chairs and the Carlisle Oval Dining Table. According to Kurt, shopping for the dining set was easy:
I found the website both informative and easy to use in making selections. All questions I had were answered by Laura on your 800 number, and she gave me some good tips on wood and stain selections. Love my table, bench, and stools!
For the curious, the bench and stools are a Carlisle Trestle Bench and Scoop Bar Stools.
Here are Kurt’s table and chairs in his carefully molded dining room:
Carlisle Oval DIning Table and Carlisle Dining Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory

White Glove Delivery for an Heirloom Dining Table

May 13th, 2016

Oh Laura, it’s even more beautiful than I hoped!
Berkshire Leg Dining Table and McCohen Dining Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory
The table and chairs were delivered on Tuesday by Simon and another young man. First I want to say, what a treasure you have in Simon! Careful and respectful of the furniture, personable, pleasant, efficient – such a nice young man. They brought in the carefully wrapped table top and gently unwrapped it. Then brought in the legs and unwrapped and attached them to the table. I could see the factory imprint on the bottom of the table and was surprised to see my name on it. They set the table upright and put in the leaves. The other young delivery man – I’m sorry that I don’t remember his name – brought in one of the chairs first thing, before the table, and it was so beautiful. I did expect quality, but the whole set exceeded my expectations in beauty and workmanship. I’m so pleased – can’t wait to have my entire family to dinner!Brown Maple with Asbury Stain
Some pictures are attached. The close up of one of the leaves is to show the beautiful detail in the grain.
Thank you for your help in ordering my furniture!
Best Wishes,

Sounds like Deborah Mackey is as happy with our delivery to her California home as she is with her new dining set.
Deborah ordered a Berkshire Leg Dining Table and McCohen Dining Chairs in brown maple with the Asbury stain. The upholstery is called Khaki.
Hardwood furniture is valuable, so we offer white glove delivery. It is a good idea to protect your best furniture by having professionals handle it from our warehouse right to your house.
Here’s one last glimpse of the Mackeys’ dining set in the evening light:
Berkshire Leg Dining Table and McCohen Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory

Why This Arizona Household Loves Their Custom-Stained Dining Table

May 9th, 2016

The Jackmans from Arizona needed a dining table with the right stain to match their existing chairs. With our stain matching option, here is what we came up with:
Preston Single Pedestal Dining Table in maple with custom stain from Amish Furniture Factory
This is a Preston Single Pedestal Table in maple with a custom stain. To Kim Jackman, it’s a hit:
I purchased a maple round table last June. It was stain-matched perfectly to match my pine ladder chairs from my older dining set. It is a beautiful table, made very strongly, and the finish is a perfect match to the chairs!
“Perfect” is just what we were going for. Hardwood furniture is an important addition to a home, and we do everything we can to provide exactly what you want. That’s why you can call us to make requests about your order that we didn’t think to list on the online store.
We also have a Stains and Finishes page to help you choose a stain, but you should request real samples to see the colors and woodgrain accurately.
It’s great to help people find the right furniture!

This Amish Crib Will Last… Even As Its Favorite Kid Grows

May 5th, 2016

Alison Simons - Amish McCoy Convertible Crib - shrunk
Alison from Massachusetts loves her new crib, because an Amish crib is built to last:
We ordered this crib for our first child. I love it because it’s a classic style and so well made that he will use it through high school and maybe even take it with him to his first apartment!
Wondering how Alison’s child is going to keep using his heirloom crib? The secret is to design it so it can transform as your child grows. The McCoy Convertible Crib becomes a toddler day bed and then a full sized twin bed.
Alison got her McCoy in Oak with Rich Tobacco stain, and an eco-friendly crib mattress. It was easy:
Even though I placed the order online, the buying process felt very personal. I was able to see actual color swatches of the wood so I knew exactly what I would be receiving. A team member even called me to ask a clarifying question about my order. She truly cared about the product and wanted me to be happy with my purchase.
Thanks, Alison. We hope you and your new baby will be happy for years!