How to safely purchase furniture from the internet

April 14th, 2014
via Istock photo

via Istock photo


Buying furniture off of the internet can seem like a scary endeavor for many people.  Some common concerns include:

  • Poor construction
  • Does not look like it appeared in the photo
  • Does not fit in their home
  • Expensive process to return if it does not work
  • High shipping rates
  • Submitting personal information
  • Damage in shipping

These are all legitimate concerns but many can be easily remedied by following a few simple ste...

A Playground That Grows

April 14th, 2014

By Tobin Dimmitt
Kids know that trees are more than air filters and soil holders. Trees are whole universes encompassing the greatest adventures alongside peaceful discoveries.
Apparently, some adults have not forgotten this. Least of all PPAG Architects, who have encompassed a sandbox in a dome of living, growing willow branches. You can play in the Kagome dome at the MuseumQuarter Vienna. Or maybe just watch your kids play in it. I suppose that will have to do.
If you’re not ready to fly to Austria yet, at least think about what an imaginative person can do with wood. This structure is woven from living branches and harvested ones. It’s a more complete version of the treehouse. Whole tree architecture is too. Yet unlike a whole tree house, Kagome is alive; unlike a treehouse, Kagome does not merely use the plant for support. The Kagome structure is the plant.
In other words, it’s happening. We’re finally learning to be symbiotic with nat...

Storywood Designs House Tour | The Master Bedroom

April 14th, 2014


Storywood Designs

Good news from Storywood Designs: the master bedroom is complete. Holly’s room is plush in relaxing neutrals, stacking shapes elegantly over one another.
Her exhaustive tour of the room requires not one but three posts. The general tour is lovely and gets into many details. There is also a post on how she fit everything into her budget. Finally, that sitting area is a picture of class and my favorite spot.
Tour the whole bedroom.
Tour the sitting area.
Learn where she splurged and where she didn’t.

Unbuildable, They Say

April 11th, 2014

So, you thought they couldn’t do it, did you? Looks like OIKIOS has something to say about being told they can’t. The architects from Munich have just built the InterContinental Davos Hotel, with problem-solving help from Wilhelm+Partner. E-Architect has details on how they created the pine-cone-shaped building, with mathematically fun pictures.
They showed you.

Digital fabrication meets the Tiny House with the Bunkie

April 11th, 2014


Bunkie is a no-brainer name for this modern take on the traditional Canadian bunkie, an extra building on a cottage (read: cabin) property. The Bunkie company has designed a series of 106 square foot houses that you can plop down on most properties without getting a building permit. Their secret to fitting everything into their buildings is using accurate digital fabrication for designing. The following video begins to explain how their process makes it work.
Lloyd Alter has more details on TreeHugger. Give him a visit, he has a lot to say about the house’s aesthetics and ingenuity. And get a load of that chair. They’re not kidding when they say digital fabrication makes efficient use of material.
More versions of Bunkie too.

Homes Existing as One With Nature

April 11th, 2014

For a modern take on the treehouse, consider the “Primeval Symbiosis” tiny house in development. Konrad Wójcik, a Danish architecture student, is designing the low-footprint houses as a way for humans to live in forests on the outskirts of cities without disrupting the surrounding habitat.
More details at Jetson Green.

Small House Solutions

April 11th, 2014

Fitting everything into a small home requires creativity. At the Inspired Room, Melissa has outlined a few issues you can have with a small space and how to deal with them. For you design source junkies, she has pictures from a variety of sites so you can add them to your watch list.
Very Helpful

Japanese students design home heated and cooled by fermenting straw

April 10th, 2014

Students at Waseda University in Japan are using a fermenting technique called bokashi to heat an experimental house. The Recipe to Live house is insulated from heat with straw in the summer; in winter, the straw breaks down while the microbes living in it produce heat. The house’s exterior design is attractive. TreeHugger has photos and a floor plan of the house.

Michael Reynolds Lands One of His Self-Sufficient Earthships at the End of the World

April 10th, 2014

A great place to build an Earthship is at the end of the world. That’s why Michael Reynolds’ Argentinian Earthship is called “Tol-Haru, la Nave Tierra del Fin del Mundo.” The location certainly is breathtaking, but I especially love the circular designs and the atrium. Ana Lisa Alperovich covers how the building functions on Inhabitat.
Take a journey….

Handcrafted Bookcase: Stop Motion Animation

April 10th, 2014


It wouldn’t be any fun if your custom wood bookcases built themselves, but it would be fun to watch. Frank Howarth made it happen with a stop motion animation video of his tools and wood working on their own. While entertaining, the detailed video is educational. Plus, the ending has kids.
Check his video description to see how hard he worked on the animation.