Hardwood Furniture Custom Finishes: Two-Tone and Burnishing

November 22nd, 2015

  Here we are showing a table and chairs whose custom finishes match them uniquely to each other. The set has a two-tone finish. The black table base is modern and makes the stained top more lively. The matching chair has a black base and back, and stained seat. For more character, the stained parts are burnished. Burnishing is a simple process but the results are brilliant. Once the furniture is stained and dry, mix more stain with black paint and gently feather it on the right places with a rag. Your burnished details have more depth, as shown on the rounded table edge and contoured chair seat. Burnishing is also a useful antiquing technique for distressed furniture. Call us if you would like to customize your furniture finishes. To get started and look at our regular finishes, click here

Arts and Crafts Pub Table from Amish Furniture Factory

This Arts and Crafts Pub Table has a two-tone finish. Watch the video to see a table with a burnished edge.


The Modesto Barrister Bookcase

November 22nd, 2015


Modesto 4-Door Barrister Bookcase with Leaded GlassThe Modesto Barrister Bookcase has glass doors that lift up and slide in. We’re showing the leaded glass but plain glass is available. You may ask about different leaded glass patterns available.
This video provides a rare glimpse of rustic quarter sawn white oak with the knots showing; call us about special wood choices when they are not on the website, and we just might surprise you. This bookcase comes standard with four doors, but two, three, four and five-door heights are available.

The Arts and Crafts L Shaped Desk

November 22nd, 2015


The Arts and Crafts L Shaped Desk is an exemplary Amish desk with or without a hutch. This double pedestal desk has two pencil drawers in the knee space; we can make the front of one pencil drawer flip down for a keyboard tray. The ends of the desk each have a pull-out for extra workspace. While we are showing each end with two small drawers and a file drawer, you may replace those with two file drawers or a door for your PC tower. Our L shaped desks ship in two pieces and require some assembly.
The hutch adds even more storage and convenient lighting. There is a light in the center shelf to light your workspace. There is also a light over the top shelf for whatever you are storing there. The glass shelf is adjustable and you may ask about a wood option. Two high doors maximize hutch storage, while the mail and pencil slots and small drawers offer a traditional look. All of our desk drawers extend fully.
Arts and Crafts L Shaped Desk with Hutch
Many of the L shaped desks at Amish Furniture Factory are similar to this one, so feel free to apply the general information here to most of them. We also have corner desks with different characteristics than the L shape we show here, but that’s for another video.

The Most Popular Types of Wood Finishes Used Today

November 19th, 2015

The finishing process can really make or break any piece of furniture. Expert craftsmen known that the finishing process is one that can’t be overlooked. The right finish will help bring out the best in any piece of furniture, but that is only the beginning. One of the key reasons that the finishing process is so important is that it also serve to protect wood as well. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and useful finishes for wood.


When it comes to finishing wood, there are plenty of options. Deciding which one is right for you can, as a result, be more than a little tricky, but don’t worry as Amish Furniture Factory has you covered. The time you invest in selecting the right finish is time well spent as the right finish will help you protect your furniture while giving it a look that you love.


Green Furniture Finishing from Beeswax to Tung Oil


All finishes are most definitely not the same. For example, there are very effective green wood finishes that have low VOCs and look great. The finishes range from beeswax and carnauba wax to oils such as linseed oil.


Linseed oil has long been used as a finish and like beeswax is very trusted. Two other effective and trusted oil eco-friendly oil choices are soybean oil and tung oil. Both linseed oil and tung oil work by penetrating into the wood and harden to a degree once applied which help them provide some protection. Those looking for very eco-friendly wood finish options will want to keep an eye out for finishes such as soybean oil and beeswax as they are literally derived from trusted food sources.



Going Green Has Advantages



Green wood finishes can produce great results and do so without using any harmful chemicals. One issue with wood finishes is that some options such as oil finishes can produce smells and odors; this factor shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting a finish.

However, while eco-friendly options have distinct advantages, it should be noted that eco-friendly finishes such as linseed oil require some maintenance, as they have to be reapplied from time to time. If you absolutely must have an ultra-low maintenance finish, then some eco-friendly options might not be for you.



Oil Based Finishes Provide a Long Lasting Finish


Of course, eco-friendly options are not the only options available. Another option comes in the form of oil based finishes. Oil based finishes are very good at protecting wood, but they too have a potential drawback as oil based finishes can be dangerous to work with as they are flammable. That stated, oil based finishes can provide a beautiful and lasting finish.


Want Gloss? Then Wax It!


If you are looking for an impressive level of gloss, then you might want to consider a wax finish. A wax finish provides a lot of gloss. But like eco-friendly options, a wax finish may need to be reapplied from time to time in order to stay effective and looking great.


The Varnishing Option


Varnishing is another option for finishing wood. Varnishing provides wood with a tough coating and is versatile as it is possible to use both transparent and colored finishes. Adding to the versatility of varnishing is the fact that varnishes are available in both water based and oil based options. If you opt for this process, you can also select between matte and gloss helping to make varnishing both an attractive and versatile wood finishing choice.


Great Results Through Dyeing and Staining


Need to keep your furniture’s finish looking great for years and years? One option is dyeing. Dyeing is available in both oil and water based options. And dyeing has a great-added bonus feature. With a dye finish, you can get the exact look you want.


When it comes to getting the right look and having that look become permanent, staining is a stellar option. The reason is that staining literally soaks into the wood. Staining is also versatile as there are both water based and oil based staining options as well as different finish options such as gloss.


Your Finishing Options-Weighing All of the Best Choices



In the end, finding the right blend of great looks and durability is a must have when it comes to wood finishes. Furniture is very personal; after all, we use our furniture to live our lives and look at it every day. No doubt these are a lot of options, and the diversity within these different options, such as oil versus water based finishes, gloss, eco-friendly and other options, can make selecting a final wood finish a tricky proposition.


The Right Wood Finish


The best wood finish for you is a careful blending of several key factors- practicality, health and durability. While beauty is a must when it comes to furniture finishes, so is practicality, health concerns and other factors. We have only touches on some of the furniture finishing options available. Shellac, lacquer, acrylic and urethane finishes are all possible choices and they all have their merits. When you opt for high end furniture, take a good look at the finishing options available to you and factor in which options are the best fit for your long-term needs and lifestyle.

The Mansfield Dining Chair

November 10th, 2015


Mansfield Dining Chair, Arm or Side from Amish Furniture FactoryThe Mansfield Dining Chair has two lovely fanned back slats and barely-there curves in its Shaker legs. The video shows both the side and arm chairs in oak with nutmeg stain and pecan leather upholstery. Seats are also available in wood or with fabric. The Mansfield has options for a stationary or swivel bar stool base, as well as several desk chair base options. The seat height of the Mansfield is 17½”, while the top of the back is 39½” high.

The Laurie’s Dining Table

November 10th, 2015


The Laurie’s Dining Table is a leg table with trestles hidden in the top for durability. This keeps the table sturdy when it expands, and allows it to store up to four leaves. The leaves come without skirts.
The skirt of the closed table hangs 4”. The legs are 3” in diameter at the top, and taper Shaker-style to 2” at the bottom. We’re showing this table with a Mission edge.
Laurie's Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory
This video is a treat, as you can hear the sound of those ingenious geared slides as the table opens. Here’s a close-up of the geared slides—click for a larger picture.
Geared Slides and Hidden Trestles in the Laurie's Dining Table, Amish Furniture Factory

The Larson TV Stand

November 10th, 2015


The Larson TV Stand is styled with luxurious details. Vertical fluting decorates either end while the doors are mitered. A crown molded base cascades down to sophisticated bun feet. The video shows the Larson in cherry with the Washington stain and standard hardware. Other hardware is available.
Larson 73'' Flat Panel TV Stand from Amish Furniture Factory
This TV stand is ideal for a 72” flat panel TV. It is 73” wide, 18” deep and 26½” tall. It has two center cabinets, each with two adjustable shelves and plenty of ventilation. Each side cabinet has DVD storage that slides out for easy access.
There is a version of the Larson TV Stand with a Hutch. To ensure a 72” TV still fits, the model with the hutch is 75½” wide.
Larson 73'' TV Stand with Hutch, Amish Furniture Factory

The Hickory Mission Trestle Table

November 10th, 2015


The Hickory Mission Trestle Table is one of our strongest tables. Hickory is a very hard wood and trestle construction will make this table last a lifetime.
The finished hickory top makes an elegant beauty of a table, while the natural hickory twig base adds rustic style. Watch the video to see how easily the table opens with ball bearing slides. This table stores up to four leaves: two with skirts and two without.
Hickory Mission Trestle Table
Branch Captain Chair from Amish Furniture FactoryHickory Diner Chair from Amish Furniture FactoryWe suggest you match this branch base table with the Hickory Diner Chair. We’re showing the chair with upholstered seat and back, but you may prefer a twig back for a more rustic style.
If you would like to match arm chairs to your side chairs, the Branch Captain Chair is the perfect match for the diner chair. It has the same upholstery or twig options. This arm chair has a candid twig decorating where there is traditionally an end cap. The video shows the chairs in natural hickory with bark.

The Carlisle End Table

November 9th, 2015


The Carlisle End Table has elegant legs that flare outward near the feet. We’re showing this end table in cherry with the Washington stain. This video shows the Carlisle Open End Table with Drawer. There is also a Carlisle Enclosed End Table with the top drawer plus a bottom door.
Carlisle Enclosed End Table with Drawer & Door
Carlisle Open End Table with Drawer

The Bradbury Dining Chair

November 9th, 2015


Bradbury Dining Chair from Amish Furniture FactoryThe Bradbury Dining Chair is one of our most comfortable dining chairs with both the seat and the back padded. We’re showing this side chair in cherry with a natural finish and pecan leather upholstery.
The arm chair has fully upholstered arms for modern style.