Add a Storage Rail to Your Amish Bed for Increased Storage Space

February 13th, 2015


Adding a storage rail to your Amish bed is a great way to add more organization space without taking up any more floor space.


Storage rails are great to use in place of, or in combination with dressers, chests, and night stands.  Check the in the option dropdown box on the bed you are considering to see if the storage rail option is available.


They are easy to install and use the same three rails and brackets already built into the standard bed, and will ship in three different sections for easy assembly.


Pictured below is the Cheyenne bed storage rail shown with option SRO14, which means the rails is 18″ high from the floor.




Storage rails are available in three or six drawer configurations on each side (or six and twelve drawers total).   The twelve drawer configuration is option SRO24, because it is 24″ high from the ground.



What is the Difference Between a High and Low Footboard on a Bed?

February 13th, 2015


A high foot board is what most beds are pictured with on our site, where the foot board extends up from the base of the bed by typically 12 to 40 inches.   The price of the high foot board is calculated into the  base price of the bed in most cases.


bed-low-footboard-bedsOur beds can also be built with a low foot board, which essentially means there is no foot board.


Rather, the side rails of the bed are used as the foot board.  In this case, the there is no panel that extends beyond the height of the mattress.


Aside from aesthetics, there is no strength and durability advantage to a high foot board in contrast to a low foot board.
In this video, Laura briefly explains the difference between the high and low foot board in her words.


Traditional Fabric Back Nook Set Glistening in the Light

February 13th, 2015


This nice and bright photo of the Traditional Fabric Back Nook Set was sent to use by Ed Franklin from San Francisco.


What a great way to start the morning by basking in the sun on a solid wood nook set with a cup of Joe and some breakfast.


Ed chose the Baywood stain on brown maple wood, with the 33-10 Bluebird fabric.  Other customizations include 6″ Deep storage and a traditional table base.




14 Year Old Silky Terrier Cozy on a Colbran Dining Chair

February 13th, 2015


This charming photo comes to us from Jo Ann Masiello in Staten Island, NY who purchased the Ridgewood Single Pedestal Dining Table and four Colbran Dining Chairs from us in September.  She chose the Chestnut stain on Cherry, and a solid top table.


Well done, Jo Ann, great choice on the stain selection


Our new table and chairs are very finely made. Please thank the maker. As you can see, our 14 year old silky terrier is also very pleased.


Best regards,
Jo Ann Masiello



Dark Two Tone Mission & Queen Anne Style Dining Set from Bridgewater, MA

February 12th, 2015


We like the unique dark two tone finish of Classic Cherry and black paint on brown maple wood shown on Jim Manning’s Estate Double Pedestal table and Douglas Dining Chairs they ordered from us in May.  It’s a bold look that makes a statement of authority and symbolizes longevity.


I am writing to you to let you know how happy I am with the craftsmanship & quality of the dining room set recently purchased. I must say it far exceeded my expectations. I own a precision gear manufacturing company who supplies NASA & other major aerospace manufacturers with high precision gear products, so I do take craftsmanship & quality very seriously.


I must say when you stated “heirloom quality furniture” you certainly delivered!!!


Thank you,


photo 4


photo 3


photo 2

Cambridge Trestle Table and Breckenridge Chairs Matched Well With Existing Woodwork

February 12th, 2015

This dining room set consisting of the Cambridge Trestle Table and the Breckenridge Dining Chairs was sent to us from Seymour, Texas by Colleen Martin.


These pieces were built with Oak and splashed with our Malanguania stain, is 42 x 66″ in size, and is stocked with two fixed and two removable leaves.


We’d like to note how well the table and chairs match the existing cabinetry in the background.



Friendly Two-Tone in Trenton, NJ with the Herrington & Harrison Dining Set

February 11th, 2015

This dining set beauty comes to us from Karla Rhodes in Trenton, NJ featuring six Herrington Dining Chairs and the Harrison Pedestal Dining Table. The entire set is built in brown maple.  The table size is 38 x 60″ and is accessorized with one leaf with a skirt, self store, square round top, and round-over edges.


She did a superb job customizing the set with a two tone finish of Sealy on Antique White with light distressing all over.


My husband and I are extremely pleased with the finished product.  The finished is beautiful and looks exactly as we wanted it.   We had a great experience with Amish Furniture Factory.  Your company has been extremely courteous and professional. Thank again for my beautiful set!!


Karla and Ken Rhodes 





The Graceful Malibu Dining Chair with Madison Legged Table

February 11th, 2015

This shot was sent to us by Vicki Milton showing off a new dining set recently purchased from Amish Furniture Factory. We love the contrast the dark Nutmeg on maple wood finish provides against the lighter colored dining area.


The graceful curves of the Malibu dining chair also contrasts well with the angles lines of the Madison Legged dining table.  Well done, Vicki, and congratulations on your new purchase!



Malibu Chairs & Mission Leg Table

Dining Chairs: Wood or Upholstered Seats

February 5th, 2015
Wood Seat

Standard Wood Seat

hand upholstery covering

Hand Cut & Installed

The ability to customize our Amish furniture is really what sets it apart from the competitors.


Many different looks can be achieved from customizing the same dining chair model, and changing the seat from wood to upholstered is where the magic happens and where you get the most bang for the buck.


Wood seats are standard on the majority of dining chairs in the line, with the exception of a few chairs such as the Ashley chair.   Otherwise, upholstery is an option upgrade available on most chairs.


With over 200 different upholstery options available, from fabric, to leather, to eco-cotton, no one two chairs have to be alike.


Additionally, we allow customers to select and purchase upholstery from 3rd party sources.


If you let us know which pieces you want upholstered, we will be happy to provide total square yardage required to upholster your order.


This is a great way to match existing pieces you own, or to get a perfect match to your interior decor.


Upholstery is securely attached to the seat by artfully wrapping it under the edges of the wood surface, then stapling it into place on the bottom before the seat is attached with screws to the chair frame.  It’s easy to remove the seat to have the chairs re-upholstered later down the line if a change or repairs are needed.


Upholstered Seat

Upholstered Seat



Dining Arm Chair vs Side Chair Option Comparison

February 5th, 2015

Each dining chair model can be customized in several different ways which we will discuss in the post.  The base model of a dining chair starts out as a side chair (no arms) and a wood seat.


Arms can be added to a side chair to make an arm chair, which are ideal for positioning at the heads of the table.  The below pictured Beaumont Dining Chair clearly illustrates the difference between an arm chair (left), and a side chair (right).


The primary benefits of an arm chair are added strength, durability, and comfort, while an arm chair maintains a cleaner look.


All of our arm chairs are designed to be compatible with our tables so the top of the arm clears the bottom edge of the table skirts, allowing them to be fully pushed in under the table for better space efficiency.



Beaumont Arm Chair (Left)                                             Side Chair (Right)