Mill Valley, California Residence Combines Modern with Contemporary and Boho

November 12th, 2014

At Home Adore is a tour of a Mill Valley, California home with wood and visible woodgrain everywhere. While the design is mostly in a 20th century style, its current residents add bohemian and antique decor, giving each room a combined flavor. The windows let occupants view the outside in a way that keeps each room cozy.

An Amish Card for a New Birth

November 10th, 2014

Amish America has a photo of a charming birth congratulations card complete with a poem and purposefully laid out handwriting. As the Amish prefer regular mail, they send cards on more occasions than we English have been doing since switching to email. Go read that adorable poem.
It has toes.

Solid Wooden Clocks From Local and Salvaged Wood

November 10th, 2014

Twentypence by Patrick Marini is funding a Kickstarter project for Fall Clocks. The clocks are made of solid wood, either freshly sourced in the USA or salvaged antique wood from buildings. Aluminum hands are colorful against the woodgrain and inspired by leaves. As each clock is as unique as the growth patterns of the tree it came from, whether yesterday or 300 years ago, you may choose your clock.
Visit Kickstarter to view the gallery and to shop

Willow Sculpture and Willow Architecture by Tom Hare

November 10th, 2014


You don’t often think of willow when you think of woodworking, but there is one thing it’s good for: weaving. Tom Hare weaves sculptures from willow. Some are large enough to spend time inside, like his treehouse resembling a bubble of light in a cherry tree. Willow architecture reminds me of bamboo architecture. The video shows you how Hare uses willow to create landscapes with sculptures.
Grab a gallery at TreeHugger

Rainbow Chest

November 6th, 2014

Emmanuelle Moureaux makes color as important as shape when she designs a piece of furniture or a space. To Moreaux, the color creates and fills the space, rather than merely decorating it. Mille-Feuille is a series of chests of drawers made from layers of color. INFURMA has more on the drawers and contextual samples of Moureaux’s other work.
See? Architects don’t need white as much as they think they do.

Why Solid Hardwood Furniture is Better

November 6th, 2014


There is something intrinsically beautiful about natural wood. It is warm and inviting, like a living thing. Why settle for particle or flake board and veneers? You can have texture and grain, all hand-rubbed and polished, until it looks so deep that you feel like you could step right inside.
Your furniture can say a lot about you. Tell the world that you value beauty and possess beautiful values.


Particle board and plywood use adhesives that can often contain formaldehyde which out-gases for up to five years after manufacture. People are exposed by breathing contaminated air from pressed wood furniture. Formaldehyde is a human carcinogen, an asthma trigger, and a suspected neurological, reproductive, and liver toxin. People with sensitivities should avoid these structural materials especially around children.
wall wood


Mentally Supportive
Wood makes us feel better. It connects us to nature through a reduction to our stress responses in our sympathetic nervous system. Wood is visually warm, contributing to social interaction and emotional support. We simply feel better in such an environment.



We Prefer Wood
In a recent study, it seemed clear that humans are simply happier when surrounded by wood. It is psychologically reinforcing and evinces descriptors such as “warm,” “comfortable,” “relaxing,” “natural” and “inviting”. It was observed that the more wood detailing in a room, the more content the occupants were.




fire wood


Wood is Durable

After Hurricane Katrina people offered up all sorts of advice. One such piece was how to manage your clean-up after the flooding receded, and how to focus to keep your mental outlook positive. One thing they noted was that excellent quality solid wood furniture was almost always salvageable; particle board and other lesser materials were essentially dissolved and distorted. There is no doubt that solid wood is a good investment.
Wood is a sustainable crop and most used is from local sources that are responsibly harvested. Carefully hand-selected and then quarter-sawn to expose the best grain and achieve the minimum amount of waste.


Low Maintenance
Properly finished wood furniture doesn’t require much care. Clean up the inevitable dust and you should be happy. Solid wood furniture which has been properly stained, lacquered, oiled, and or waxed is almost invulnerable to conditions in your home. We’re happy to offer advice on the care of your furniture. Stains and lacquers are more durable than oils and waxes, but any can be used in the initial preparation of the furniture to give you the look you desire. Remember paste wax, if appropriate for your surface, can provide a hard durable layer of protection that can last up to two years. Liquid wax leaves a much thinner coat and must be replaced more often. Spray polishes are the least durable of all.



That Glow…

That warm woody aura you see when the sunlight hits it just right in the late afternoon; the reflection of a lamp in its gleaming surface; the constantly changing highlights of the fireplace reflected in its details – all these can be yours with beautiful, handcrafted, durable, and reassuring wood.



Gardens Up the Walls in a Cozy Contemporary Interior

November 5th, 2014

The coolest thing about this Ukrainian apartment is the vertical gardens growing up the walls. I never said that was the only cool thing. The cozy contemporary home boasts strategic use of light and shadow, and rich hardwoods. And wait a minute… aren’t those Merilow Pillows? Apparently comfortable but inventive homes like this are routine for Svoya Studio.
Take a tour at Freshome.

It’s a Truck Bed

November 4th, 2014

It’s a bed in a truck bed. Tyler Thompson built the wooden drawer in the back of the Adventure Truck to hold camping supplies, and put a small matress over it. When he doesn’t need the bed, he can cover the pulled out drawer to make a table. In the album he even shows you where he hooked up a battery and electrical wiring. The Adventure Truck is perfect for its creator.
See the Imgur album.
See the Reddit thread.

Kacie Meyer Gets Down to Business Making Pallet Floors

November 4th, 2014

Kacie Meyers works with salvaged wood from pallets, but she is taking her craft further. Along with making flooring from wood pallets, why not start a business around it? Now that Pal Hardwood is up and running, Sherrell Dorsey has interviewed Kacie for Inhabitat.
Click to see what it takes to become a pallet entrepeneur.

Industrious Amish Hospitality

November 4th, 2014


Not Quite Amish

The Amish get creative when it comes to sharing their culture with the English and making a business out of it. For example, some Amish women host dinners in their homes for English tourists. Recently, Amy Clipston visited a dinner that her Amish friend Ruth was hosting. Read about the experience at Not Quite Amish.
Mmm, wholesome.