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Quality and Skill in Perfect Balance

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


It doesn’t take much knowledge to detect the quality of a piece of furniture. If you go into a typical “Big Box” store in search of a sideboard or china cabinet you’ll many times be able to see the uneven gaps around the doors and drawers. As soon you open them you can immediately see that the separators for cutlery are covered in felt to hide the fact that the dividers themselves are made from particle board. At least the grain of the wood looks okay, until you realize it’s just veneer over plywood. And look at the sides and bottoms of the drawers – they’re not even stained or finished – just raw wood.

This may sound familiar. There’s an unnerving rattle of loose glass as you struggle to open the too tight, skewed door of the china portion. Tap lightly on the back of the cabinet, but be careful! If it was any thinner, light would pass through it… Is this really what you want?

You deserve better!
colbran dowelsbridgeport bench
colbran dowels2
Furniture used to be built for the long-haul. It was solid wood, durable and sturdy; there were no plastic laminates, flake or particle board or plywood. Furniture wasn’t something that you purchased, used for a couple of years, and then donated to charity or threw away with the trash. I grew up with furniture that was over 100 years old, sometimes two centuries or more. It was crafted by experts, finished in beautifully fine detail, and often signed or marked by the creator.


There are still Craftsmen like that; true Artisans that put every bit of skill and knowledge into creating not just fine furniture, but Art that will last for generations. Hand-finishing to perfection, not until the end of the shift; carrying the job through to completion, not until it is “good enough”; those are the secrets of a job well done. As we all know, “Good Enough is not Good enough!”


When others don’t finish all of the exposed surfaces, whether with stains, varnish, oils or waxes, the wood it left vulnerable to experience uneven moisture and humidity, swelling and shrinking joints with the seasons. The connections loosen; the moving parts jam or wedge. It can deteriorate in just a few short years.


Quality even where you never look
With quality furniture, everything is stained and finished, even the parts you can’t see. Just because something is out of sight doesn’t mean it can be ignored. If you order a dining set, all the pieces will be finished by one artisan so that all the pieces will be the same color and match perfectly. Typically we don’t want an oddball chair that doesn’t match the rest of the set.


After all, isn’t that what craftsmanship is all about? Pure, unmitigated, unassailable quality at every step; driven by ability and tempered with humility; and combined with select materials to fashion the very best for you.


Your job is easy in comparison. You just have to look at it, fall in love with it, and take it home.

Traditional Elegance: Queen Anne Style Furniture

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Straight edges are popular in decor these days, while curves are lauded as naturalistic and innovative. However, the curvy Queen Anne style of furniture design has been around since the dawn of the 1700s. Let this video get you started on the best features of the Queen Anne style.


Granby Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory

Granby Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory

As you can see, the Queen Anne style allows the furniture’s beautiful woodgrain to show as easily as straight-edged Mission furniture. Besides the foot, a defining feature of the cabriole leg is being curved in two places: outward near the top, and inward near the foot.
In addition to using cabriole legs, Queen Anne furniture has other curvy design elements to help you build a timeless room…
Central Chair Splat

Berkshire Dining Chair from Amish Furniture Factory

Berkshire Dining Chair from Amish Furniture Factory

It’s more gracious than it sounds. A Queen Anne chair splat is a single ornately shaped vertical support in the center of a chair back, also known as a fiddle or vase shaped back.

Skilled handcraftsmanship is always beautiful, but if you’re not a woodworker yourself, nothing is a more obvious sign of a woodworker’s skill than woodturning. When it uses cannonballs and spindles, Queen Anne furniture shows off its heirloom quality. Our Berkshire Dining Chair above doesn’t only show a carved splat but turned legs as well. Below are more Queen Anne pieces that use woodturning.
Cannon Ball Bed from Amish Furniture Factory

Cannon Ball Bed from Amish Furniture Factory

Wrap Around Bench from Amish Furniture Factory

Wrap Around Bench from Amish Furniture Factory

Class and Opulence

3 Hook Oak Turned Wall Tree from Amish Furniture Factory

3 Hook Turned Oak Wall Tree from Amish Furniture Factory

The Queen Anne style developed as part of rococo style in the 1700s. Rococo design was known for pulling out all the stops in ornate carving, mixed colors, and gilding.
While our table in the video is not full of individual carvings, what curves it has make it look unusually rich. Of course, some Queen Anne pieces are so ornate, you may wonder what is the point of it all?
Large Queen Anne Jewelry Armoire

Large Queen Anne Jewelry Armoire from Amish Furniture Factory… Yes, the Queen Anne style allows you to dedicate an entire armoire to jewelry.

Sometimes, that is the point.
LaGrange 4 Door Hutch from Amish Furniture Factory

Lagrange 4 Door Hutch from Amish Furniture Factory

Queen Anne is the most famous traditional style of furniture, so in the modern day, we often use “Queen Anne” to name furniture bearing elements of other styles from the same time period. Thus, looking for Queen Anne furniture can let you see a range of opulent styles that could be closer to what you need.
Woodmont Dining Chair from Amish Furniture Factory

Woodmont Dining Chair from Amish Furniture Factory

Being a glider, the following piece mixes modern function with Queen Anne curves.
Swan Back Glider with Ottoman from Amish Furniture Factory

Swan Back Glider with Ottoman from Amish Furniture Factory

To browse more Queen Anne furniture in our store, simply find Shop By Style on our home page. The variety of available styles includes Traditional Furniture. Here you will find pieces in the Queen Anne and similar styles.
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Our Furniture Finishing Process: The Stain and Coat Woodshop

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

You may recall our post detailing the meticulous finishing process we apply to each piece of our handcrafted furniture. Today, we will begin to break down the process for you in a series of videos on staining. For our first video, we visit small-town Wakarusa Indiana and the stain and coat woodshop where we send all our furniture.
The family run shop employs people from the local Amish community. To ensure a quality staining job, craftspeople disassemble the furniture; this ensures that they will be able to stain and seal every nook and cranny of this heirloom furniture.

As you can see, we’ve hardly begun to show our three-day finishing process, so stay tuned for more videos.

The Breckenridge 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


The Breckenridge 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe is 58” of heirloom luxury. The 1″ solid wood top features crown molding that embellishes this sleek Shaker chifferobe.
In case this is your first look at a chifferobe, let me explain that chifferobe is a tall piece of furniture with both drawers and a space to hang clothing. It is a type of armoire.
In the case of the Breckenridge, the right side features 4 full extension soft close drawers with side mount drawer slides. Behind the top right doors is an adjustable shelf. On the left, the half-wardrobe has a hanger bar.
This substantial hardwood chifferobe is sure to add elegance wherever you use it in your home. It is also a solid member of the Breckenridge Bedroom Set.

The Classic Heritage 3 Drawer Night Stand

Friday, June 13th, 2014


The Classic Heritage 3 Drawer Night Stand is shown in quarter-sawn white oak, but you can select from 8 wood options. This nightstand is designed to show off the beautiful grain of its solid hardwood construction, with cathedral raised side panels. The top drawer protrudes slightly for more elegance, while the base is intricately carved in the Jonie style. Any member of the Classic Heritage line will add heirloom class to your bedroom.

The Richwood 4-Door Hutch

Friday, June 6th, 2014


The Richwood 4-Door Hutch combines both art and function to make an elegant heirloom. The sliding top doors are plain to showcase your belongings without interruption, while the sides employ beveled glass for just enough character. The recessed, canned lighting is touch-activated for your convenience, while discreet buffet drawers are soft-closing. This hutch has a plain wood back. You may also order a smaller 3-door hutch. Overall, the Richwood Hutch combines a minimal design with just enough curves to furnish your dining room with a gracious giant.

The Modesto Enclosed Sofa Table with Drawer & Shelf

Thursday, June 5th, 2014


The Modesto Enclosed Sofa Table with Drawer and Shelf has style and function. The top drawer runs the full width of the piece and has two small handles. Inside the two doors is an adjustable shelf and ample depth for storage. While we call it a sofa table, the Modesto has many possible functions. Entry table? Mini-buffet? You decide.

The Manchester Bench

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


The Manchester Bench is built strong whether you choose a shorter version or this 72″ version. One full-length spreader bar supports the bench, while the exposed joinery adds both interest and durability. This bench has a Mission edge on its 1 ” top. We’re showing the cherry bench with our Washington stain. While this bench is perfect for the Manchester Dining Table, its sleekness allows it to match any situation or room your heart desires.

The Colebrook Dining Table

Monday, June 2nd, 2014


The Colebrook Dining Table is both a practical and an interesting piece. A boat-shaped top makes a stylish first impression and draws you in to notice the ebony inlaying in the top and base. Look closer and you see that while wood diamonds cover the table’s connection points, they slide out of the way whenever you would like to show off your durable table. The table shown has a beveled edge and all tops are 1″ thick. Equalizer slides make this table easy to extend. While the Colebrook Dining Table complements numerous dining chairs, we do have a Colebrook Dining Chair with similar inlaying. This handcrafted table will help you express your sense of style with class.

The Colebrook Dining Chair

Friday, May 30th, 2014


The Colebrook Dining Chair is shown both with and without arm rests. Every Colebrook chair has two extra-wide, slightly contoured back slats, as well as stylish ebony inlaying at the top and bottom. This slick chair will be sure to make a statement in a dining room. For more Colebrook style, have a look at the matching dining table or peruse all of our Colebrook pieces.