$1200 Tiny A-frame Relax Shack

August 22nd, 2014

What was that I was saying about debt-free living? I think I claimed that an $18,000 tiny house was supposed to be cheap. Here is a $1,200 A-frame designed by Deek, David Stiles, and Joe Everson. Available through Relax Shacks, the cabin has a charming minimalist interior that expands when you open one side.
Learn more at the Relax Shacks blog

Bacon-Powered Motorcycle from Hormel Bacon

August 21st, 2014


Animal-based transportation is an environmentally friendly alternative to cars, but it’s a big jump from a car to a horse and buggy, isn’t it? Then again, who said you had to give up the engine? Hormel Bacon is running a motorcycle and using bacon fat as biofuel. See? You should always save your bacon fat!
Via Scott Sutherland on the Weather Network

Displaying Baked Goods: The Yummiest Use of Shaker Furniture

August 21st, 2014

It’s a full tour at Jason Lees Design instead of his usual single highlight. The Marla Bakery, designed by Tall Glass Architecture, is using the welcoming warmth of wood furniture. Part Shaker, part minimalist contemporary, the classic pieces hint at the very human goods the bakery sells.
Click to stare at furniture… or pastries!

Repeat Antiques

August 21st, 2014

Mark Firley stopped in at a familiar antique mall; it’s neat to see how the same items get new functions when new dealers pick them up, like the gout stool turned juicer. So that’s how people used to juice. That looks hard. Finally, go see the hutch. It’s been around and I bet it looks more beautiful than it did the day it was made.
Setting the Furniture Record straight

Number Fifty-Three Charming Home Tour

August 20th, 2014

Town and Country Living is touring the Number Fifty-Three house. The home has eleclectic decor of classic pieces that look elegant without breaking the bank. It looks like a fun house to live in, without being in-your-face bohemian. Jennifer’s commentary points out the most interesting features of Angela’s home.

Fiesta Ware at the Old Country House

August 20th, 2014


cherry with saddle stain

Check out Lesli DeVito’s dishes. They were a gift from her mother 25 years ago. They also have lasting power, as they are hard to break and simply designed. As those colors will be beautiful forever, I would call Lesli’s dishes an heirloom for their own reasons. Lesli loves to match her dishes with a colorful house but they look gorgeous in her white cupboard. I would love to see them against a classic wood table in a stain like our “Saddle”.
Dish shoot

Greenville, South Carolina Unveils ONE City Plaza Designed by Civitas

August 20th, 2014


Despite being a large public project, One City Plaza has elements you might want to consider for your outdoor space. I like the crescent moon flower beds. The primary colored cafe tables (and plug) are fun and welcoming. This ribbon cutting video shows off the plaza’s best features. If you want to skip straight to the best features of the plaza, go to 1:42.
I recommend the photo tour at World Landscape Architecture

Handmade Aluminum Ribbon Curves Resemble Cedar Trees for the Yard

August 19th, 2014

Marji and David Roy have decorated their yard this year with curvy aluminum sheeting totems that they made together. Reminiscent of narrow cedars, the totems add a touch of fun to the Roys’ forest-surrounded yard. Marji documents the creation of the totems as well as their aesthetic.
Visit Marji’s blog

Produce Signs in David Arment Photography

August 19th, 2014

It’s harvest time, and David L. Arment has an extensive collection of Amish produce signs in his broad Plains country gallery. That’s why Amish America has picked a gallery of the best scenes of produce signs for you. David Arment’s photos bring out the vividness of the signs, the food, and the hard working people behind the scenes who have cared for the plants and livestock.

Patterned Paint Rollers from the Painted House

August 19th, 2014


Has this really been around for a hundred years? A patterned paint roller? Why didn’t it get here before? For those of you who are undecided about whether to attempt wallpaper, you might have just found a substitute. With a bit of practice, a rolled pattern can go up with more consistency than a stamped one.
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