The Benefits of Old Growth Wood

February 16th, 2015

file0002039089843The bottom line is that nothing beats old growth wood. There are good reasons that products made with wood from old forests are valued. Increasingly, more people are seeking out this kind of wood for their furniture and building projects. Since older forests are largely protected, this wood is recycled from other sources, such as barns that are hundreds of years old or even items like old pickle barrels.


Unmatched Durability


One of the simplest reasons to select furniture and other products made out of old growth wood is that it is really tough. New growth wood has no chance of standing the test of time like old growth wood. Since it is taken from trees that are often hundreds of years old, this wood is very tough. Originating from dense forests, old trees offer the benefit of more rings per inch. It is harder and stronger. It also can stand up to issues like wood rot and insects. Not only is the wood itself harder, but also it has the added benefit of having been exposed to the air for an extended period of time.


In terms of durability, new wood has zero chance of matching up. It is no accident that an entire industry has grown up around reclaiming old growth wood from old barns, factories, schools and other structures. Old growth wood is impressive wood in more ways than one.


Today savvy homeowners are flocking to use reclaimed old-growth lumber in their homes and for their furniture. They are making this choice in part because of the durability of old growth wood.


Furniture that is Made to Last


There are other substantial benefits to selecting furniture made with old growth wood. A large percentage of modern furniture simply isn’t made to last. While it is true that real wood furniture may costs more than cheaper alternatives, it is also true that that manufactured board, or MDF furniture, is a poor imitation of real wood furniture.


MDF furniture, which is so popular with the “big box” retailers, fails to provide long term durability. Further, it is often made using harmful chemicals that degas into the environment over time.


Poor quality furniture must be replaced more frequently. In the long run, this factor makes it a poor investment and one that should be avoided at all costs. Most of the furniture on the market today is made from poor quality materials that literally fall apart, but furniture made from old growth wood is tough stuff. The financially prudent move is to opt for old growth wood furniture, which is sure to stand the test of time.


Old growth wood is denser and as a result it is more stable. This stability results in wood that is more resistant to swelling as well as shrinking.


Lower Your Carbon Footprint


A benefit that many often overlook with old growth wood is that it is eco-friendly by nature. Using old-growth wood in furniture means a lower carbon footprint, as the energy involved in growing, cutting and transporting new wood has been bypassed. If you are looking for a very eco-friendly furniture option, you’ll want to consider furniture that is not created from newly cut and harvested trees. Truly, using reclaimed wood and old growth wood is one of the ultimate forms of recycling.



A Gorgeous Appearance


As though all of these benefits are not enough, there is also the issue of beauty. Many people find that the look and feel of old growth wood is simply superior to what new wood can offer. The imperfections found in old growth wood infuse it with a charm and life that is impossible to duplicate or match. When you choose to use old growth wood in your home, whether it is flooring, furniture or another use, you will find that old growth wood’s beauty is unmatched and unrivaled.


Old growth wood furniture is, simply stated, charming. In addition to its tremendous durability, old growth wood furniture will stand the test of time. The beauty of older wood translates to furniture in a very soulful and impressive way. Many feel that there is a sort of magic quality that resides in old growth wood furniture. The imperfections, knots and character of the wood helps furniture makers bring the wood to life in the form of furniture. The end result is a functional work of art that is full of both character and life.


If you are looking for furniture that is a cut above most other offerings, then you’ll love old growth wood furniture. The cookie cutter look and feel of most modern furniture is completely absent. Old growth wood furniture has a rich and attention grabbing look that other furniture just can replicate.


When you select old growth wood products, it is important to invest the time to learn more about the wood and how it was treated and sourced. A great furniture manufacturer will not just use old growth wood, but will also be able to tell you what products were used on the wood, why, how the wood was sourced and from where.


Ultimately, old growth wood products such as old growth wood furniture are a worthwhile and savvy investment. Old growth wood products last and last, and that means that your grandchildren will enjoy it in their homes too one day. Unlike other wood products on the market today, you will use your old growth wood products not for just years, but instead for many decades.
Old growth wood furniture can be passed down to future generations and will still retain their charm and appeal. When it comes to selecting the best furniture and wood products on the market opting for old growth wood is a very smart move. The beauty, durability and character to be found in old growth wood products is unrivaled.



A Comprehensive Look at Amish Furniture Factory’s Finishing Process

February 14th, 2015

The last step in the manufacturing of Amish Furniture Factory’s high quality furniture is to have it stained and sealed. Why do we stain our furniture? Staining furniture protects it and also makes it more beautiful as well. The craftsmanship and natural beauty of the wood become all the more evident and pronounced once the staining process has been completed.


Another key reason to opt for stained furniture is that stained furniture allows our customers to get the exact color and look they want for their home. Being able to choose from different staining options allows homeowners to achieve a great match for their home.


Disassembling All Furniture for Precision Staining


All furniture arrives at our staining facility in Wakarusa, Indiana assembled. Once on site, the furniture is carefully disassembled. The reason is that once disassembled each piece of the furniture can be carefully stained. Through this disassembly, it is possible to properly stain every single inch and area of the furniture so that the durability and beauty provided by staining reaches every part of a given piece of furniture.


How extensive is the process? The answer is very as legs and leaves are taken off of tables, backs are taken off of chairs and drawers are pulled out of hutches. The end result is that our beautiful staining reaches all possible points.


It is important to note that staining isn’t limited to one layer, but is instead a multi-layer process. By applying several layers of finish, your furniture enjoys a much greater degree of long-lasting protection. Our finish is designed to help your furniture remain beautiful for years to come. Now let’s turn our attention to how staining is applied to furniture.


The First Spray


The first spray is an extremely important part of the staining and finishing process. Since the first spray determines the color of the piece, it is important to get it right. It is also vital that the first spray is applied thoroughly and evenly in order to achieve an excellent final look. A spray gun that uses compressed air is a key tool in the staining process. By using a spray gun, the stain is forced out of the nozzle in a heavy but accurate mist.


The spraying station at Amish Furniture Factory has been specially designed to deal with stain, fumes and vapors that are in the air. A large exhaust vent is used to take fumes and vapors outside and away from those working in the spraying station and the factory. A huge filter is hung on the back of the station and changed once a week. An air unit then pumps fresh Amish country air directly back into the building. The end result is a safe spraying station.


Furniture is spun and maneuvered via a specially designed stand. This stand allows furniture to be sprayed and viewed from any angle, thus ensuring that every item ends up completely stained.


Hand Wiping Station


Once an individual piece is completely covered with stain, it is immediately moved to the hand wiping station. At the hand wiping station, furniture is wiped down so that the stain is applied as evenly as possible. Any droplets or build up is addressed at this stage.


An outside company removes the caked up rags used at the hand wiping station and replaces them with clean recycled ones.


On average, the stain has an open time of two to three minutes maximum. As a result, all hand wiping must be done very quickly and efficiency. There is real artistry and skill in this part of the process, which is essential in determining a beautiful final look and feel.


Hundreds of Stain and Color Options


There are hundreds of different types of colors and stains, which allow our customers to choose the exact look they want. We are more than happy to apply whichever stain and color you choose. You can see all the potential great choices here on our site!


Applying the Clear Coat


After applying the color from the first spray, we move on to applying a clear sealing coat. The reason we apply a clear sealing coat is to lock the wood off from moisture and protect it from oils or anything else that could comprise the quality of the furniture.


Next we use special tools to finely sand down the seal coat. This works to prep the grain and get it ready for the last step, which is the final clear coat. Before applying the final clear coat, we use compressed air to blast off the reside left on the furniture from the sanding process that just occurred. Finally, we apply an even coat to lock everything in and provide a beautiful sheen.


Once this process has been completed, it becomes a waiting game. Pieces are placed in a different part of the building and allowed to sit or dry on racks. After drying, all of our handmade furniture is reassembled and shipped to our customers.


A Recap of Our Detail-Oriented Seven Stage Finishing Process


There are seven major steps in the finishing process. When a piece arrives, it is disassembled so that all areas can be sprayed. Next a prep sanding is performed to eliminate any minor scratches. Once the first two stages are complete, a solvent-based stain in the color of your choice is applied with a sprayer and immediately wiped so as to achieve a rich, beautiful and uniform appearance. In the fourth stage, the piece is allowed to dry and we then apply a clear sealer. Once the piece is dried, it is hand sanded using an extra fine grit sandpaper and only then is the clear coat applied. Finally, the seventh and final step, we assemble the furniture and have it ready to ship to our satisfied customers.


As you can see, the staining process is much like the process of building our Amish furniture in the first place. We take a great deal of care in creating our furniture and in staining it. The end result is extremely beautiful, durable and timeless furniture that will look and work great for many, many years to come.



Add a Storage Rail to Your Amish Bed for Increased Storage Space

February 13th, 2015


Adding a storage rail to your Amish bed is a great way to add more organization space without taking up any more floor space.


Storage rails are great to use in place of, or in combination with dressers, chests, and night stands.  Check the in the option dropdown box on the bed you are considering to see if the storage rail option is available.


They are easy to install and use the same three rails and brackets already built into the standard bed, and will ship in three different sections for easy assembly.


Pictured below is the Cheyenne bed storage rail shown with option SRO14, which means the rails is 18″ high from the floor.




Storage rails are available in three or six drawer configurations on each side (or six and twelve drawers total).   The twelve drawer configuration is option SRO24, because it is 24″ high from the ground.



What is the Difference Between a High and Low Footboard on a Bed?

February 13th, 2015


A high foot board is what most beds are pictured with on our site, where the foot board extends up from the base of the bed by typically 12 to 40 inches.   The price of the high foot board is calculated into the  base price of the bed in most cases.


bed-low-footboard-bedsOur beds can also be built with a low foot board, which essentially means there is no foot board.


Rather, the side rails of the bed are used as the foot board.  In this case, the there is no panel that extends beyond the height of the mattress.


Aside from aesthetics, there is no strength and durability advantage to a high foot board in contrast to a low foot board.
In this video, Laura briefly explains the difference between the high and low foot board in her words.


Traditional Fabric Back Nook Set Glistening in the Light

February 13th, 2015


This nice and bright photo of the Traditional Fabric Back Nook Set was sent to use by Ed Franklin from San Francisco.


What a great way to start the morning by basking in the sun on a solid wood nook set with a cup of Joe and some breakfast.


Ed chose the Baywood stain on brown maple wood, with the 33-10 Bluebird fabric.  Other customizations include 6″ Deep storage and a traditional table base.




14 Year Old Silky Terrier Cozy on a Colbran Dining Chair

February 13th, 2015


This charming photo comes to us from Jo Ann Masiello in Staten Island, NY who purchased the Ridgewood Single Pedestal Dining Table and four Colbran Dining Chairs from us in September.  She chose the Chestnut stain on Cherry, and a solid top table.


Well done, Jo Ann, great choice on the stain selection


Our new table and chairs are very finely made. Please thank the maker. As you can see, our 14 year old silky terrier is also very pleased.


Best regards,
Jo Ann Masiello



Dark Two Tone Mission & Queen Anne Style Dining Set from Bridgewater, MA

February 12th, 2015


We like the unique dark two tone finish of Classic Cherry and black paint on brown maple wood shown on Jim Manning’s Estate Double Pedestal table and Douglas Dining Chairs they ordered from us in May.  It’s a bold look that makes a statement of authority and symbolizes longevity.


I am writing to you to let you know how happy I am with the craftsmanship & quality of the dining room set recently purchased. I must say it far exceeded my expectations. I own a precision gear manufacturing company who supplies NASA & other major aerospace manufacturers with high precision gear products, so I do take craftsmanship & quality very seriously.


I must say when you stated “heirloom quality furniture” you certainly delivered!!!


Thank you,


photo 4


photo 3


photo 2

Cambridge Trestle Table and Breckenridge Chairs Matched Well With Existing Woodwork

February 12th, 2015

This dining room set consisting of the Cambridge Trestle Table and the Breckenridge Dining Chairs was sent to us from Seymour, Texas by Colleen Martin.


These pieces were built with Oak and splashed with our Malanguania stain, is 42 x 66″ in size, and is stocked with two fixed and two removable leaves.


We’d like to note how well the table and chairs match the existing cabinetry in the background.



Friendly Two-Tone in Trenton, NJ with the Herrington & Harrison Dining Set

February 11th, 2015

This dining set beauty comes to us from Karla Rhodes in Trenton, NJ featuring six Herrington Dining Chairs and the Harrison Pedestal Dining Table. The entire set is built in brown maple.  The table size is 38 x 60″ and is accessorized with one leaf with a skirt, self store, square round top, and round-over edges.


She did a superb job customizing the set with a two tone finish of Sealy on Antique White with light distressing all over.


My husband and I are extremely pleased with the finished product.  The finished is beautiful and looks exactly as we wanted it.   We had a great experience with Amish Furniture Factory.  Your company has been extremely courteous and professional. Thank again for my beautiful set!!


Karla and Ken Rhodes 





The Graceful Malibu Dining Chair with Madison Legged Table

February 11th, 2015

This shot was sent to us by Vicki Milton showing off a new dining set recently purchased from Amish Furniture Factory. We love the contrast the dark Nutmeg on maple wood finish provides against the lighter colored dining area.


The graceful curves of the Malibu dining chair also contrasts well with the angles lines of the Madison Legged dining table.  Well done, Vicki, and congratulations on your new purchase!



Malibu Chairs & Mission Leg Table