A Beloved Pine Garden Swing, Complete with Hearts and Best Friends

May 27th, 2015

Pets always have great taste in furniture, even garden swings. Just look how much our Florida customer Rick Whitall’s dog is enjoying their new four-foot Cutout Heart Pinewood Swing on its Wood A-Frame.
I think Rick likes it too. But take his word for it:
The outdoor garden swing and frame perfectly compliments our back yard. It was exactly what I wanted. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent. It was easy to assemble but did require two people due to its weight. It made the perfect Christmas present – the only problem is that now that the bar is set so high, what will I do for next Christmas!
Well, we’ll be hanging around in case you come back.

Proud New Owner of an Oak Hutch

May 27th, 2015

Jill Sempek of Columbus, Nebraska ordered a Vintage Closed Deck Hutch in oak with Medium Walnut stain. The mirrored back makes Jill’s treasures within shine. What does Jill think of her new hutch? I think she loves it:
Love, Love, Love our new china cabinet! Laura was so easy to work with when placing the order. She kindly answered all of my questions and made the whole ordering process a breeze. The cabinet came two weeks ahead of schedule and I was able to have it in my dining room for Thanksgiving. The quality of workmanship exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend Amish Furniture Factory to friends.
Jill is so pleased with her solid oak hutch, she posed with it to show it off:

Golden Harvest Hickory Warms a California Dining Room

May 27th, 2015

Mark and Joey Schnackenberg of Santa Rosa, California, ordered a Colebrook Dining Table in Rustic Hickory wood with the unique Golden Harvest stain. Look at the color it adds to their exciting dining room:
schnackenberg-mark-joey-1Those dark stripes on the ends are walnut inlays. Mark had a lot to say about how pleased he was with the whole selection process for his table:
The table is fantastic. Quality superb. We’re very happy we got the actual samples for the wood and stain- it really provided the proper representation of the wood that we would not have had with the original samples that were sent. We are very pleased with the wood and the stain we selected. Please give our thanks and gratitude back to the fine craftsman.
Also, I want to thank you for your help and support through the whole process. It was a great experience dealing with the same person through the entire process. I’m glad we chose to do the 24″ leafs, it was very nice to be able custom order exactly what we wanted, and it was built exactly to specification without a flaw. Thank you.
I would not be surprised to see you get some follow up orders from our family and friends after they see the beautiful table.

As for the delivery, Mark assures us:
They did a great job. Please ensure their supervisors get the positive feedback.
Mark mentions that we sent him color samples. You can view pictures of samples on our Stains and Finishes page, where you can also click to a request form.
Here is a close-up of the durable trestle with the Colebrook’s exposed mortise joints and more walnut inlays:

Cherry Hardwood Shines Through Our Extensive Catalog

May 27th, 2015

This is what cherry looks like when you let its natural woodgrain shine through, oh yes.
John Salerno of Staten Island ordered these cherry Sharklin Bar Stools with stationary seats at the perfect height for his kitchen counter. Best of all is the Natural Clear Coat finish. He likes the chairs. He also likes how we have enough selection that he could find the right wood type and style…
We recently remodeled our kitchen and were looking for chairs that would go with the cherry cabinets that we selected.
We looked in most of the conventional furniture stores and couldn’t find chairs that we liked until we found the Amish furniture factory online. Their selection includes many styles and types of wood. We were able to get the style of chair we wanted in solid cherry wood to match our new kitchen.salerno-john-2shrunk
In addition the cost was less than what we were seeing in other stores. We ordered the Sharklin style, one desk chair and four counter height chairs in natural clear coat. The entire purchase process was both easy and pleasant as any questions that I had were answered quickly and everyone I talked to were very helpful.
We were really impressed with this purchase and have received many compliments about the chairs from our contractor. As seen in the pictures they match our decor very well and the build and quality exceeded our expectations.

We’re glad we had what you were looking for, John. Thank you for the email.

A Long-Range Shipping Charge with a Happy Ending

May 27th, 2015

Ken Rivest of Alaska would like to tell you about his new furniture:
We Absolutely LOVE IT (our new furniture). We couldn’t be happier. The packing job was impeccable. I would highly recommend you and your company to our friends and family. Excellent craftsmanship. Excellent customer service. Exceeded our expectations. Fantastic. Thank you, thank you, Thank you.
We got things set up throughout the house and they all look amazing. I am going to start saving $ for additional pieces.

800px-Flag_of_Alaska.svgIt looks like we were successful with the Rivest family already, but there was more to do. Alaska shipping rates can reach far and wide, but then we noticed we had overcharged Ken. When we notified the Rivests by email and mailed a refund, Ken had this to say:
Thank you for being upfront and honest with the shipping charges. I understand how that goes sometimes and we are all thankful it went smooth.
It truly is a testament of the quality of your company, customer service to stand behind your word like that…
The products speak for themselves once you see them, feel them.. We love every piece… And we will definitely be calling again soon with another order.
Also we are having a dinner party tomorrow and our friends have all been asking and they too will see for themselves and I would expect calls from them as well.

It sounds like a lot more heirloom furniture will be going to Alaska soon.

Bright Classic Modern Home with a Clean Mission and Shaker Dining Room

May 27th, 2015

Steve Petullo of Bristow, Virginia ordered a Markley Mission Dining Table in hickory and many leather-upholstered Brady Dining Chairs in maple. The set is elegant with subdued angles for Steve’s classic modern home. Steve is happy with the set:
My table and chairs arrived today! They are beautiful.
They do look beautiful in Steve’s bright dining room. He must like the table’s modern-angled Mission slats, because here are two more shots:
He does have one piece of advice for those of you thinking of getting an Amish table:
My only complaint would be that I wish I had gotten the table with ball bearing glide. Being single it’s hard to open the table alone.
Thanks for the tip, Mr. Petullo. Readers, learn more about the Ball Bearing Glide by clicking here.

Mission Lines Perfect a Classic Elegant Dining Room

May 27th, 2015

Enjoy this classic dining room with Patricia Manning’s new Mission-style dining set. Patricia ordered a Crestline Trestle Dining Table with Beaumont Dining Chairs. She finished the room with a 3 Leaf Mission Bench. Patricia selected quarter-sawn white oak and her stain choice is Autumn Leaf. She had the arm and side chairs upholstered in Pecan leather.
Here is what Patricia has to say about Amish Furniture Factory and her new dining set:
After months of looking for just the right dining room furniture, I ordered the Crestline Trestle Dining Table, Beaumont Dining chairs, and 3 leaf Mission Bench from Amish Furniture Factory. From the first phone call to the white glove delivery the customer service was friendly and knowledgeable. The furniture is beautiful and everything I had hoped for. Thanks so much.
Patricia Manning


This Dining Set is Serious About Solid Wood

May 26th, 2015

Here is a dining set that Jacqui Litvan put together for a North Carolina dining room. Jacqui created her own set by combining the Manitoba Dining Table with Lavega Dining Arm and Side Chairs. The whole set is in oak with Sealy stain. Jacqui is happy with the dining set, but let her tell you about the customer service and delivery, too:
I couldn’t be happier with the outstanding quality of the table and chairs and the professionalism of the people I dealt with. Throughout the building process I was given updates, and, best of all, they always remembered my name. I had a somewhat complicated buying process since the furniture was a gift but the people working at the Amish Factory kept up with my situation and were quite patient.
The mandatory expensive delivery is absolutely necessary for such substantial furniture. All the packaging was taken and was contacted after the delivery to ensure my satisfaction. I would definitely buy from again!

And the dining set? Big style!
The Manitoba Dining Table has thick legs, a trestle and exposed mortise joints. Its strong profile is an excellent match for the Lavega Dining Chair’s broad slats and walnut inlaying. Jacqui ordered arm chairs and side chairs, and had them upholstered in Lawn, to refine the style.

A Spindled Country Bed in Solid Maple

May 26th, 2015

kennel-chrisMr. Chris Kennell of Tennessee was not disappointed when we delivered his family’s new Brentwood Bed in solid maple. The Kennells got a traditional bed without drawers, emphasizing the turned and carved feet to complement the bed’s many spindles. Michael’s Cherry stain adds drama to the Kennells’ bedroom.
But it’s their bed. Let’s hear what Chris Kennell has to say:
We are extremely happy with the beautiful wood, style and finish of our new queen size Amish Factory bed.
The bed is so strong and stylish. We consider this bed to be an instant family heirloom.

Amish craftsmanship and solid materials win out in the Kennells’ choice for a quality bed.

How Can Amish Food Change Your Dinner Table?

May 23rd, 2015



The Amish have some pretty amazing food. Just ask anyone who visits Amish Country about the food, and you’ll hear a great deal about the consistently incredibly quality. One of the key reasons that Amish food is able to set itself apart is the Amish fixation on high quality and craftsmanship.


The Amish are famous for their attention to detail. People have long known, for example, that the Amish build some of the most durable and beautiful furniture on the planet. What many don’t realize is that this same work ethic and dedication to quality is also alive and well in Amish food.


Amish Food Focused on Fresh Ingredients



Amish food has won a following all over the world and for good reason. By focusing on using the very best ingredients and then preparing those ingredients with love, passion and an unwavering attention to details large and small, the Amish are able to create food that is simply mouthwatering.


A big reason that Amish food continues to win over fans is that the Amish are obsessed with fresh produce. There is an emphasis on taking ingredients right from the farm to the table.


Many who visit Amish Country are shocked by the intensity of the food. The reason for this is two fold. On one hand, the Amish put a lot of work and craft into their food, but that is only the beginning. By focusing on fresh produce and lots of it, the Amish achieve something that is increasingly rare in our heavily processed world.


Fresh food, taken straight from the garden and put on the plate, is radically different than the modern U.S. diet. Typically, the average consumers food travels hundreds of miles before reaching its final destination. That apple you are eating today likely was picked a week ago, if you are lucky. The Amish are not removed from their food the way that most of us are today.


Amish Food Maximizes the Taste Benefits of Going from the Garden to the Plate



There is an attachment and relationship to food that brings with it greater overall nutrition and much more taste. As many visitors to Amish Country learn, often for the first time, fresh food simply tastes much better.


If you want to revitalize your taste buds, then a trip to Amish Country has some distinct advantages. As expert chefs around the world realize, great tasting food needs fresh, high quality ingredients. The Amish realize and embrace the fact that in order to make world-class dishes, the freshest, world-class ingredients are possible.


If you like hearty food, then you’ll find that Amish food is tough to beat. Spices and herbs are used more sparingly, but you won’t miss them. The Amish don’t hide their ingredients but instead celebrate the freshness and vitality of those ingredients. The end results are powerful and rich flavors.


Chefs Now Realize What the Amish Have Known for Generations


Today, many chefs realize what the Amish have known for generations. In order to achieve fantastic culinary results it is necessary to grow one’s own food, take it from the garden and serve it fresh. Chefs around the world looking to give their customers an amazing treat start with the freshest ingredients possible and that is exactly what you’ll find when you venture into Amish Country.


You’ll Find That There Are Plenty of Ways to Enjoy Amish Food Wherever You Live


Introducing Amish food into your diet couldn’t be any easier. The incredible taste and variety of the food is such that you’ll always find some new and tasty treat to enjoy. Here are some of Amish favorites that you’ll want to try for yourself.


Cheese, Jams and Jelly



One of the big reasons that people love Amish food is that it is highly versatile. The Amish specialize in foods such as cheese and jams, which are easy to ship and have long expiration dates.


Seemingly every fruit has been made into jam including all sorts of berries as well as rhubarb, apricot and more.


For many, the Amish have elevated these products to a new level. Cheese and jam lovers will find that they are in for a real treat when trying Amish produced goods.


Amish Desserts



Amish desserts, not too surprisingly, are something to get excited about. Pecan pie, molasses cookies, whoopie pies and shoofly pie are some of the more common offerings. Again, simple, pure and fresh ingredients are blended with perfection to achieve mouth-watering results. Rich molasses is a yummy fixture in Amish desserts and you won’t be disappointed!


Some of the more commonly enjoyed Amish foods include treats such as apple butter, pumpkin butter as well as an array of smoked meat options ranging from entire hams to beef jerky and more.


Amish Food is Pure, Natural and Delicious



People choose Amish food because it truly is different. In an era where most of us are disconnected from our food, Amish food truly stands out as being something different. Processed food, which has been stripped of its nutrition, and infused with chemicals, pesticides and preservatives, simply can’t hold a candle to quality-obsessed offerings.


Just as Amish crafts and Amish furniture have built a remarkable reputation for quality, the same holds true for Amish cuisine. Amish food stands apart from the crowd because of its obsession with the freshness of ingredients. Ingredients are not grown hundreds of miles away and then placed on trucks where they sit… only to arrive at a store and sit some more. Amish ingredients are fresh ingredients and you’ll definitely notice a big and bold difference in every single bite.