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Amish Wind Chimes

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The soothing sound of Amish wind chimes will charm and soothe the outdoor world around your home. There is something comforting about the consistent and steady tune emanating from an Amish wind chime that sends relaxing vibrations to your ears, down your spine and through your body. The inharmonious and random beauty of wind chime notes is a sound that only nature can fully replicate with her multifaceted outlets of sound. From the chorus of bird songs, to the gentle rustle of tree leaves whispering in the wind, your Amish wind chime will produce a similar soft spoken voice that parallels that of nature remarkably well.

Amish Furniture Factory offers a broad selection of Amish wind chimes that can be hung from virtually anywhere. Great places to hang them are from the overhangs of porches, patios, and decks, or another great place to hand a wind chime is from a nearby tree branch. We sell wind chimes in many sizes, colors, and styles. The range of wind chime lengths that well sell varies from 30” up to a whopping 84”. The variation in length produces a wide array of pitches. The material of a wind chime determines the “voice” or “timbre” of the pipe. For example you will notice a different quality of sound produced from the bronze, silver, and taupe materials used in making the wind chimes we sell.

Each model of wind chime we sell offers its own unique sound of foot prints due to the altered combination of tube lengths from chime to chime. The color of our wind chimes vary depending on the material used in the chimes, and varies from dark, which are typically our bronze pieces, to silver, and gray for our taupe pieces. Our most unique wind chime is the #200 and #201 Small and Large Wind Chime Bird Feeders that promotes the joining of two harmonious sounds of bird, and wind chime tunes. The symphony of the two sounds together creates a crisply pleasing sound to enjoy through the years. Whatever your choice is, we think you will love the company of the unique sound each wind chime produces.