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Hello Toby,
Larry and I received our custom made shelf on Friday. It is absolutely beautiful!
- Larry and Deb Soehner
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Amish Laundry & Bathroom

Drying Racks
Drying Racks
Laundry Hampers
Laundry Hampers
Toilet Paper Holders
Toilet Paper Holders
Wash Stands
Wash Stands

Yes, Amish Furniture Factory even carries high quality hand crafted Amish furniture pieces for your laundry room and bathroom area. Itís not the most glamorous area in your home, no doubt, but with our pieces in the Amish Laundry & Bathroom category, it can at least compete with other areas in your home. The bathroom and laundry rooms in your home have evolved, like many rooms in the home, to serve a very functional and utilitarian purpose of variety and series of specific tasks needed to keep you and your familyís life on track.

With our furniture pieces we offer at Amish Furniture Factory, you will have a new take on fulfilling your laundry chores, or spending time in your bathroom. Our Amish drying racks, laundry hampers, toilet paper holders and wash stands are all items we highly recommend. Each of these products has been designed with simplicity, beauty and elegance in mind. Each of these pieces will not only make your life easier through ease of use and functionality, you will simply enjoy their presence. Itís Amazing the impact of upgrading something as simple as a toilet paper holder in your bathroom. High quality hardwood Amish made furniture just has a magic to it that is so rarely found in other home furnishing products.

Where does this so called magic come from? We believe it comes from how each wash stand, laundry hamper, toilet paper holder, or any other Amish made piece of furniture, is built. No greater amount of attention, care, skill and passion goes into building, crafting and perfecting any other furniture types of furniture pieces as does Amish made furniture. Each individual piece that is sold to our customer is uniquely hand crafting using its own select grade stock of domestic hardwoods. Builders select the hardwoods used in a wash stand, drying rack, or laundry hamper based on appearance and quality. The piece is then built by hand, cut by cut, shape by shape, one step at a time. Our pieces are true art built around forms of utility.