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Amish Wardrobes & Chifferobes

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  • Breckenridge 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe
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  • Bungalow 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe
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  • Heritage 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe
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  • Heritage Wardrobe
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  • Royal Mission 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe
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  • Schwartz Mission 4 Drawer 3 Door Chifferobe
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At Amish Furniture Factory, every chifferobe and wardrobe is carefully hand crafted by Amish craftsman who were brought up learning the trade of furniture building and crafting. Our Amish builders use their trained eye and years of experience to hand select hardwood, based on appearance and strength, for each chifferobe or wardrobe that is built. No particle boards or mixed hardwoods are used in our chifferobes or wardrobes. Particle board is a cheap material that can contain harmful and toxic glues or adhesives and has shown to be less durable over time.

The wardrobe, like a chifferobe, is a bedroom piece of furniture also closely related to armoires and chifferobes. It’s a closet like piece that, unlike its close relatives, does not have any drawers in its purest form. However, the names wardrobe and armoire can be used interchangeably. The wardrobe evolved from the bedroom chest in the luxurious settings of regal palaces and castles of powerful nobles who required the extra accommodations for their lavish apparel. In the United States, wardrobes can be traced to the 17th century during which time they were an early export product from America to England.

Some dealers sell furniture pieces that have mixed hardwoods, such as an oak chifferobe with cedar drawers, while marking up the cost claiming it as an extra luxury due the smell or appearance. However, the practice of building pieces with mixed hardwoods is not ideal because different wood types expand and contract in seasonal humidity at different rates. This variable expansion and contraction of the different woods can cause warping and cracking from the stress.

A chifferobe is a bedroom furniture piece that is closely related to armoires and wardrobes. The three pieces are related in that they are all closet like pieces with a series of various door and drawer configurations. The distinguishing feature of a chifferobe is it’s configuration of doors occupying one side while drawers run down the other side. The chifferobe is an American invention, first advertised by Sears, Roebuck in 1908 which described them as “a modern invention, having been in use only a short time.” The chifferobe is uniquely American, and remains most popular in the southern portion of the country.